MuSo 2 - placement

Hello, I’m looking for some advice about placement of the MuSo 2; in particular vertically. My wife has the idea that it will be OK to place the unit just above floor level on a low glass shelf, but I have my doubts. Proximity to a carpeted floor would be one issue, for example. Any thoughts?

I would imagine it would be best at-ear level. Though i used mine for music and TV about a foot from the floor. My daughter now uses on a fraimlite base on the floor…it sounds fine, perhaps could be much better?

Personally I think it sounds best from around 40cm off the floor (so a low table / coffee table) up to a high desk / sideboard height 75cm or higher. The more solid the table the better in my experience. I took one to a friends house for movie night and it sounded flat and lifeless on a lightweight coffee table. All the “ooomph” was sucked out of it.

I’m not surprised that the solidity of the support makes a difference, but that does mean I’ll be looking for a more substantial TV stand than I had in mind originally. So thank you.

I have mine set at 45cm from the floor on a substantial support. It is OK at that height but am working at lifting it to around the 65-70cm height, which will be closer to ear height.

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