Muso 2 Radio Station Problems

Hi, I’ve owned my Muso 2 for nearly a year, and during this time, I’ve had no problem downloading and saving radio stations via my home wi-fi, using the Radio option on the Muso 2.

However, recently I’m unable to see the list of available radio stations, unless I use the search function, and even then I’m unable to play various stations.

The connection to my router is ok, as I can save and play a couple of radio stations.

I can also listen to internet radio stations from my iPad using AirPlay.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem, and found a solution?

Many thanks!

Read the thread about Vtuner. It’s a global outage affecting all Naim internet radio users amongst many others no doubt.

Many thanks, David……looks like I, and the many others worldwide, will have to be patient for vTuner to fix the server problem! :thinking:

Hi. I am getting the same problem with both a Muso and Unity Star which started over the last couple of days. I see that there was a post about a similar problem with Streaming BBC Internet radio services that occurred in August/September of this year which was down to a BBC upgrade with their services. Perhaps Naim can check if this is a similar problem with the BBC please?

The whole thing relies on vtuner, which is not yet fully restored.

My post two up from yours refers:

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