Muso 2 - randomly switching on

Has anybody else experienced their Muso 2 unit turning on by itself? Mine has recently started doing this for no apparent reason. Music doesn’t start playing but the unit comes out of standby and dial and base light switch on.


Yes, me to. Maybe once or twice per month. Maybe its triggered by something on my network?

Both my Muso2 and QB2 are exhibiting this behaviour. Any ideas as to why?

Has someone else like a friend or member of the family been using it with a streaming service? This is usually the reason why you get phantom behaviour.

I have noticed mine on first thing in the morning before anyone else has got out of bed so don’t think it’s anyone else streaming.

Nobody else has access.

When the unit switches on does it run the same input it ran before switching off or does it switch on using an input different from the switch off?

Will advise next time it occurs! Thanks!

Ok… QB2 turned on by itself overnight… same input, music playing!

Which input?

Internet radio

Are you getting brief power outs at all? We sometimes get certain items switching on out of standby randomly overnight and I found out it was due to mains blips in the night.

I am not.


Can you confirm you have no firmware updates pending and the Mu-so is on the latest firmware, 4.1.3?

If you continue to have issues, please contact who will be able to advise and help resolve your problem.


Both muso2 and QB2 have the latest updates. Will continue to monitor and try to eliminate as many variables as possible. Will advise.
Thanks for the continued support!

Famous last words but mine seems okay at the moment…

Don’t quote me on this - but I think the second generation muso & QBs can be taken out of standby mode via the proximity sensor on the UI (volume control).

Do you guys have pets?

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I have a Muso 2 and can confirm that if if in standby and the internet radio stream was not stopped before putting into standby, the proximity sensor will take the unit out of standby and start playing.
To stop this happening just stop the stream before putting into standby.

Great info… thanks!!

Probably not what you guys have experienced here, but a few years ago on the original Mu-so QB (1st gen) I had the unit turning on and off. I finally discovered it was due to being under a fluorescent light tube (kitchen unit under light). When the light was on the inputs and power would start changing.

Just thought I’d mention it as it had me confused for days!