Muso 2 sound stage

I recently bought a Muso 2 and have it installed in a bookcase. It actually sounds quite good. My only complaint is that there’s no real sound stage width. Now I realize it’s a single unit and placement is compromised. So I’m wondering if I put it on a small table out side of the bookcase will the Muso create more width to the sound?

It its anything like the other amps, the speaker outputs are mirror images red black/black red
If you connect them up conventionally red-black/red-black you will have the speakers out of phase and destroy ANY shouldstage.
So double check that…it may be an easy fix.

It’s a Muso!


Easy answer - just try it out!

Yeah have to do that

A good solid table or shelf is best. Ideally at eye level. Try out the loudness settings on the app.
Avoid placing the MuSo too far back on your shelf or table. But the laws of physics mean that the soundstage is limited as the speakers are relatively close together. I enjoy my MuSo Gen 1, but it is what it is. I like the engaging sound very much.

You stuck it in a book case and don’t understand why the sound stage isn’t good?

My Muso has a great sound stage sitting on a very solid credenza.

Hi I know exactly why the soundstage is limited. I’m thinking of putting it on one of these on top of fireplace hearth. It’s a center channel stand. I just wonder if the top plate is wide and deep enough?

The Musu range sounds totally different (massively better) when positioned firing into open air and not with lots of reflective table, shelf in front of it. Also, when positioning I found that if ear level isn’t possible, too low sounds far better than too high. It will do proper stereo presentation, but if you’re desiring separate speaker levels of broad soundstaging, your expectations may need to be reset a bit.

My Muso 2, unlike my Muso 1s, took a few weeks to loosen up. It sounded tight, bright and shut in for about 3-4 weeks. Placement is bound to affect the sound. It’s the best sound bar I’ve ever heard but it’s still a sound bar. Mine is mounted in front of curtains with space both sides, on top of a drawer unit. Nothing fancy. It sounds open, detailed and musically coherent and much bigger than its actual size.

Sounds like a more open location and some running in is required. As already mentioned, the DSP setting are also worth looking at.

Thanks all. I’m going to have to look for a nice little table. Not sure the Mrs will approve. Only place is in front of the fireplace

As all have said, definitely place away from objects, and away from the back wall (see settings for that in app)
They sound fabulous IMHO

Stand is only 18 inches high. As you suggest a small table or stand at ear level when sitting would be best.

Well the wife doesn’t care, so I’m going to look for a smallish table.

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