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I recently purchased a Mu-so 2, and whilst I am quite impressed with the audio quality , I am having problems with the HDMI control.

The HDMI cable ( Audioquest chocolate is connected to the ARC HDMI socket on a Panasonic TX-L42E6B lcd tv. I have understood the Muso should come on when the TV is switched on - it rarely does and only by random ( not consistant fiddling with App on iPhone and or remote) do we finally receive TV sound… I must say the remote is not very impressive and has no HDMI selection anyway ??
It usually requires manual selection of HDMI on the phone app and then switching off TV and switching on again… even then there is a time delay of several seconds before sound kicks in.

Our Muso is actually only used on Tidal streaming , internet radio and TV.
I have considered doing a factory reset and starting all over with the config - might this solve it?
Suggestions welcome
Regards Huw

On the app have you set up the HDMI parameters? These settings are found on the HDMI input, also the panasonic will need to have the correct settings.
I have a current panasonic TV and the Muso 2 always wakes up when I turn on the TV.

Thanks Kend , yes I have set this to be active in the app. I actually tried un setting and resetting but made no difference

I have a feeling but not sure than when the Muso is using another device like Tidal streaming it stays cached and prevents the HDMI source coming on… I am not sure but I have seen that kind of thing sometimes in other devices.

Not only does the remote not have an HDMI button but neither does the rotary control, which I found rather odd.
Regards Huw

With the remote or dial you can step through the inputs by using the external inputs button ( rectangle box with arrow).
Has your muso updated to the latest software 4.1.3? This was meant to fix HDMI issues.

On the app I have the HDMI auto switching set to any input. With muso in standby and the tv off, if i turn the TV on the muso turns on and is controlled via the tv’s remote for vol.

I figured this button might have something to do with it , but it’s not obvious based on the spare manual. Also one assumes it scrolls through various digital inputs , but given there is a delay in response , that’s not too handy.

Yes we are in firmware 4.1.3

I am not sure I understand you last comment … in input settings we have HDMI enabled in the HDMI settings menu… buy not in any other input menus- don’t see option to do that
Thanks regards

Make sure your MuSo is fully up to date with the firmware.

Additional comment - I can name the digital as HDMI too - is that what you mean … and does this activate something in remote and dial inputs ? - seems a daft question but I thought I should ask


Richard - app says it’s 4.1.3 and that this is latest… is that correct
Regards Huw

Yes, that’s the latest.

In the input settings menu, below where the input is enabled, there is a setting called HDMI auto switching, I have this set to any input.

Ok Kend - I found this setting and put HDMI on any input as you suggested… But the result is that I can’t receive Tidal or internet radio even when selected

I have therefore reversed this… now I am back where I was, I note that when I manually select HDMI on the app ther is a full 5 second delay before the sound comes on

I have noticed that the Tv remote volume control does link to the Muso , so that means there is a connection.
My conclusion is that in all this there is some kind of fault in the integrity of the software that is preventing seamless operation across the inputs

Huw, HDMI ARC is a bit of a minefield with different models from the same maker not working where others are fine with different kit. Have a word with Naim support when they return in January.

Thanks Richard, I was aware there might be some idiosyncrasies in the HDMI protocols … but it’s very hard to find out what is good or not good. I will take up your suggestion after new year.

Kend I have gone back into this and think I have solved it , still double checking. The problem I reported in my last post was because I had relabelled the digital input as HDMI and thus was confuse when I set HDMi on all inputs.

I will monitor again to check everything , anyhow many thanks for your interest and assistance…
Dare I mention that all my other hi fi equipment is Meridian and I bought the Muso to replace Meridian in one of my rooms where convenience was a very important portant criteria for us

The Muso 2 is really very good. Hope you have fixed it.
The supplied documentation is poor at best.

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