Couple of questions, as a quite new Muso-2 owner

On most occasions when switching on to an audio source using iPhone or iPad the « Room » is difficult to find and needs several attempts to connect. We have high speed fibre internet and Unifi dual band access points - there is one right behind the Muso. This issue surely can’t be normal. Please comment .

Second is that the Muso is mounted on a tv stand that is only 45 cm above floor level- arguably too low. The audio rendition on Tidal is rather poor vs what we have been used to… what is the recommended minimum height for mounting .

Previously in this room we were using Meridian 52KSEs - obviously in a different league but we had expected more from the Muso-2 Soundstage is poor - just a bland wall of sound … yes it can play very loud with little distortion but…?
thanks for feedback


I’ve owned a Muso-2 since July. Mine is connected to my network via the supplied Cat 7 internet cable. As far as the Naim application I use the Andriod version. I have never had any problem connecting. I think from your post that you are connecting the Muso via WiFi (Unifi dual band access points). I tried the WiFi on my Muso just to compare the sound quality with the wired. After one day the Muso disconnected itself from my wireless network. I never have this problem with other wireless devices. I suspect WiFi is not the Muso-2’s strong point. I did not attempt again. A failure after one day was enough to end my experimentation with the WiFi on the Muso.

As far as the height off the floor; mine is at 53cm. I’d like it to be a bit higher but it has not really been a problem for me.

A note on the Naim app; I hardly use it. I use a small mini ITX computer running an operating system called Daphile. It communicates with the Muso via upnp. I can choose between a number of front end applications that take the place of the Naim app. They are all better designed, more functional and more well behaved than the Naim app! My 2 favorites are Orange Squeeze and Material Skin for SlimServer.

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The Muso is like any other speaker and should be at about ear level. It’s a single box so will never give the expansive soundstage of a pair of speakers, but it’s capable of good sound if you place it properly. Try a few locations.

The connection problem is about network discovery. Maybe the app and box are using different bands, which may cause problems.

I have found that the Mu-So definitely rewards spending some time in finding the best location; by that I mean distance from the rear wall and also distance from the floor. I found that even small adjustments of an inch here and there could sometimes make a big difference. Best to do this with loudness turned off. As it’s mounted low it’s also worth experimenting with the bass shelf adjustment (distance from wall setting) regardless of position.

Regarding the former, like any speaker there will be a sweet spot where it will “fill” the room. For all that, precision of soundstage will always be something of a weakness, mainly because it is all coming from a single unit.

As for the issue of height, if getting the Mu-So higher is not an option, experiment with angling the speaker upwards a little.

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Thank you Richard,

Feed-back, loudness is always switched off. We have tinkered with the bass attenuation and found it better to use the corner position, though strictly speaking it’s not in a corner . The rear is about 35 cm from a wall- we find it generally rather bass heavy. It is mounted on a very sturdy wooden AV stand which itself sits on a stone floor. The room is large and hard - stone floor , glass, pitched ceiling and no soft furnishing - it’s a kitchen- diner - 10 metres by 5 metres. I know from experience with my Meridian kit how much difference room acoustics can make. This room vs my soft lounge is like day and night, but the Meridian allows me to make more adjustments.
As you say I have noticed raising the height with a temporary support which brings is up 50mm already makes a noticeable difference. I was not able to tilt it up in a stable manner so far.
Thanks again.

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