Muso 2nd Gen Switch off and on

I have a new Muso 2nd gen and its a great piece of kit with one exception. I cannot turn it on or off with the remote and top dial. It comes on for s few seconds then goes off again. Also when its on I cannot get it to shut down it goes off then comes back on. Using the app on my ipad its fine turns it on and off when requested through the app. Its a bit annoying as the top dial is one of the neat things about the Muso you just pass your hand over the dial and it comes on. I have spoken to Naim and done all they have suggested but it still happens. I havent tried deleting the app and just using the remote yet. Has anyone else had a similar problem and if so how did they resolve it? Andy

I’ve experienced a few occasional instances where after turning my Music QB2 off using the top dial, it turned itself back on again a few moments later.
I tried again and it happened again.
I then removed the power lead, waited a minute, then reconnected and it was fine afterwards.
This has happened maybe twice or three times in the last 2 years.

Thanks Blythe, I tried that and it has worked

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