Muso and Qobuz

Might be a daft question. I’ve signed up for a trial of Qobuz sublime. How do I get Hi res music to play on a Muso.
If I plug my IPad into the USB, it reverts to CD
I have a chrome cast audio, but this stops streaming if I change album more than once a minute!
I have searched high and low to try and find out if Airplay 2 will stream hi res and found no definitive answers.
And before we start down the “there is no audible difference” path, I would like to try for myself to decide, but if don’t know if I’m streaming in hi res, I’ll never know!
Please help!

I presume you mean the original Muso, not the new version?
You can’t stream hires formats via AirPlay.
The only way I can think of is if you have a computer or NAS running somewhere on your network, run BubbleUPnP server on it. This will stream Qobuz, Tidal and locally stored music to any UPnP streamer, such as your Muso. You will need to use a different app to operate it, but once set up, this does work quite well.

Yup… original Muso.
Sadly, we are a tablet family, although I do have an old iBook in the loft somewhere!
There is suggestion that Airplay 2 can do hi res, but, as I said, nothing definitive.
Looks like it’s back to Spotify and buying the obj so really love and sticking them on my USB… damn.
You would think that for a (relatively) expensive bit of kit, it would be more straight forward!

No need for Spotify. Just install Bubble App on your control pad and you can stream Qobuz.

We only have two Muso QBs — so I might talk myself into trouble. But, to be honest, I am not sure whether the Muso hugely benefits from better than CD quality.

Now running for cover…

P.S. I am pretty sure though that any Muso benefits from better than MP3 quality…

Airplay 2 cannot do hires. If your an Apple user for tablet then you can use MConnect HD app that will give you Qobuz to stream to the Muso. Its not free but you can try the demo first. You cant use the Naim app though to use Qobuz as Naim dont officially support it.

See the solution in Hifi corner, Upnp issue.

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