Muso causes my internet to malfunction

I’ve had a Muso (1st gen) for a number of years now, firstly hard wired to the router but latterly connected via WiFi.

Aside from the APPALLING android app, which either fails to work entirely or takes an age to do anything (on a pixel 4 then the same on a pixel 6, and indeed on an iPad), I had no problems at all with connection drop out.

However, I recently switched broadband provider from Vodafone to Shell. One week in and no problems at all with the connection - 70mb ish pretty much consistently.

Then I turned on the Muso…

Firstly, the internet radio struggled to buffer at all on radio paradise. Bit better on Naim radio with its lower bitrate, but still dropped regularly. All other devices work fine, including video streaming.

Tidal, oddly, seemed to work ok for a bit, despite the much higher bitrate, but then the entire broadband connection would drop for every device in the house. WiFi connection remained, but no internet.

I did the usual: hard reset the router, the Muso and (having had trouble with other devices in the past) switched the router to 2.4ghz only, rather than 5ghz as well. Even changed the filter for the router!

Having tested it a number of times now, it seems that after 10, 20, 30 minutes’ use of the Muso (it seems to vary), the internet drops out completely and I have to restart the router. It does not happen when the Muso is off.

My first thought was that it’s a router problem, but ten days in and the only time the internet drops is when the Muso is on, I’m starting to think otherwise.

Should say router and Muso are in same room, maybe 15ft apart.

Any ideas?

i’ve no idea on why but having changed router and today i reconnected musos, we have completely crashed the web in the house. it happened straight after i has connected the musos.

Have you done a factory reset of the Mu-So?


One week in of it being hardwired and the internet hasn’t dropped at all. It seems therefore that it must be the wireless between the Muso and the new router that’s causing the drop outs.

I’ll try and go back to a wi-fi connection and see what happens.


Follow up on this post. I moved the Muso back to wireless connection only and am having the same issues.

I’ve had no issues with any other device since switching ISP and router, only the Muso, and only when connected via WiFi.

Wondering if it’s a setting on the router but, if so, I’ve no idea which or why!

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