Muso does not recognise USB stick

I’ve just bough a Samsung 128GB USB stick. I transferred a folder from my PC which has over 100GB of folders containing FLAC music files. The MUSO says ‘Unsupported USB device connected’. I’ve deleted these and tried just a selection of FLAC files ie no folders and get the same message. The files play on the PC. The USB stick is formatted exFAT. The only other option is to format it to NTFS. My other Kingston 64GB USB is exFAT formatted and works fine. What do I need to do to make the Muso recognise the USB?

Usually FAT works flawlessly.

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From Naim Mu-so support:

External USB drives need to be FAT or FAT32 formatted to allow Mu-so to playback music files. Back-up all files before re-formatting.


I’ve always found that Naim streamers need FAT32, not ExFAT, I assume the Muso would be the same.

FAT32 is the requirement for Naim streamers so I would try that. However, if the stick came formatted differently then check for any hidden partitions and remove them before reformatting. You may need a 3rd party formatting and partition utility for this though.

The problem here is the exFAT file system not supported by your MUSO.
The solution is to format your USB stick to FAT32.
Unfortunately Microsoft has set a 32Gb partition size limit for FAT32.
You’ll only be able to use 32Gb of your 128Gb stick.
Of course, there are some workarounds, like formatting using specific tools.

I have never found this limit to apply when I have used USB storage on a Naim streamer, either supplied pre-formatted or done in OSX.

I should have mentioned that this is a formatting limitation when using Microsoft operating systems. The FAT32 file system can allocate up to 16To.

Of course, you can bypass that formatting limitation using an other operating system lile MacOS, BSD, Linux, etc. Or as I mentioned above, using specific tools.

Thank you everyone particularly Richard who has offered a solution and suggested the possibilities of some limitations.

I downloaded some free partitioning software but initially the reformatted USB came up with ‘the circle of death’ and no folders. I reformatted and set the partitionsize to 32kb after researching this on the net. Reloaded the stick and it’s playing as I write this. As the folders are in alphabetical order they all seem to be correct and present.

Thank you again.


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