Muso gen 1 or Qb gen 2?

Short of trialing both in my office, as the price of the original full size Muso gen 1 price has dropped below that of the new Qb 2nd gen in a lot of places, I’m intrigued whether it would be foolish to pick up the older Muso now instead of the new Qb? How comparable is the sound between the two? As far as I can tell the largest difference in the features of them is that the Qb2’s WiFi hardware is significantly improved but I’m more than likely going to be hard-wired with an ethernet cable so that wouldn’t be such a huge problem.

I’m interested which people on here would recommend to a new Naim buyer (whose budget unfortunately doesn’t stretch much beyond the Qb2).

How big is your room? The Muso belts out a fair old volume, which might be overpowering in a small space, especially if it’s up against a wall or in a corner, but good if it’s in a large room.
The new models should have more reliable performance if you stream from internet sources, especially Tidal, and if that’s what you plan to do, they are a safer bet, even with a wired connection.

Thanks Chris, that’s helpful, it’ll go in a fairly small room, will likely be placed in a corner too and volume won’t really be pushed - clarity and balance would be more important.

It’d mainly be used using Airplay2 from iPhone / AppleTV or with Tidal (either built in or again via Airplay2) and occasionally via the aux input.

So perhaps a gen 2 Qb would be a much better fit here!

The 2nd gen is a significant upgrade on the first gen. I have had both in my summerhouse which is not very large 12 x 9 ft and there is no problem with overpowering.


Sorry forgot to say it is a Muso not Qb

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