Muso gen 1 vs gen 2

Hello everyone

I need to buy a Naim Muso (Larger one) for my lounge to listen to tv, film and Tidal. (Main System is in another room).

Does gen 2 sound noticeably better?

Does having HDMI input make tv or Netflix better? The original had ‘digital in’ so assuming worked fine before?

Is the WiFi any better?

The price difference doesn’t come into it but if the difference in sound quality or reliability over WiFi is negligible then I will get first gen and save money.

Many thanks


Hi Dom, i have the original muso which i used on optical for TV, and it got me interested in music and Naim again. When the Muso2 came out i was a bit sceptical, particularly at the pricing. Well, i listened with a few other folks at my dealer, and we all thought it really is better than the original. It just seems to do everything better SQ wise. I will probably buy a QB2 when it gets native Qobuz later in the year. As for wifi and hdmi, others will need to comment.

The WiFi performance is certainly improved on all current Naim products. They now use the current 802.11ac rather than the prehistoric 802.11g version of the 1st gen. Muso.
HDMI is great when it works, as the Muso will automatically switch on and select the HDMI input when you turn on the TV, and the TV remote will control its volume. I’m not sure that it sounds any better, though.

Hi Chris just to clarify do you mean that sometimes the HDMI does not work? Thanks

@DomT I have a Muso-2 and I can vouch for and clarify what @ChrisSU stated in his post. The HDMI does not work on all TVs. I have a Samsung 2019 Frame TV and I never got it working with the Muso-2. I’ve read other posts stating the same for other TV brands. However I think Naim released a firmware update for the Muso-2 that may have corrected some of these problems with HDMI. I have not tried it recently.

At first I found that HDMI ARC from a Samsung TV performed erratically, and lip-sync was way out, but after a couple of Naim firmware updates, it works well for me.
There is a problem that TV manufacturers tend to use non-standard implementations, which don’t always work properly, and a few people have posted here that they have experienced problems.

Gen 2 sounds better than Gen 1. It’s certainly worth the difference in cost.

With a good source, Gen 2 can be pretty amazing.

Thanks everyone.

HDMI was a useful thing for my wife so it’s disapponting that this is variable.

Regarding WiFi. I have read that some have had problems with WiFi drop outs with gen 1. Was it a big problem and wondering if better WiFi in gen 2 is worth it?

The buffer on the gen 1 is not that great so you get some buffering on wifi, I’d go gen 2 for that alone. If you’re going wired then that may not matter. SQ is a matter of personal preference. They both sound great.

I need to go WiFi for Tidal only. TV and turntable wired connection

I know it’s not the larger Muso but having had the original Qb1 and the now the Qb2. I do believe the Gen 2 Is definitely a much better sounding product and worth the difference if feasible.

Unfortunately it seems that standards for HDMI ARC are all over the place - i.e. no standard. Naim are always looking to improve compatibility with different makes and models of TV, so if your particular model does have issues then let them know.

I think the ‘no standard’ issue is solved with eARC, but would the gen2 support that?

Unfortunately i can’t compare the 2 versions, But after some scepticism i bought a Muso2 for my apartment in Germany. Its F staggering. And well worth the cost

The original muso can be had at a great price in the used market and prices will now stabilise.

I haven’t listened to the latest version but knowing Naim and reading comments it will be an improvement. That said unless you listen side by side the original will sound great and you could have it for a while and assuming you get a good deal you could move it on at little to no loss and upgrade if you so wish later - saving -£600ish pounds.

Enjoy either way as the muso’s a good products

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