Muso Gen One - Spotify Streaming Issue

I’ve been slowly getting driven mad by Spotify on my iPhone and my Muso. Basically, if I manage to get streaming going on my Muso, I can no longer interact with the Spotify app.

The bigger problem is that if I am able to connect my Spotifty via Spotify Connect to the Muso, usually what happens is that the connection info briefly comes up, and then nothing. No music, no play controls. At this point I don’t have the UI to switch back to any other device… the phone itself or my Google Home.

At this point it’s a dance of killing the app, logging in to Spotify via my Mac standalone app, and/or unplugging the muso.

I’m also chasing this up with Spotify… it is similar on the Google Home Mini, (at least it plays although I can’t change songs).

Anyone else seeing this and any advice? I’m on latest iphone software, latest Spotify and my Muso is up to date.

I’m guessing that your mu-so is using WiFi, if that is the case, try it again with a wired connection.

Thanks for the reply. I’d love to, but getting a wired connection to the place I’ve got the Naim would be a nightmare.

Just try it temporarily. Issues like this are often network related. If it works ok when the mu-so is wired then that would suggest the WiFi network is not optimal.

I’ve never used Spotify, but with Qobuz, it is best to open it through the Naim app. It screws up when I play through the Qobuz app. In my car the Qobuz app works fine. I’m playing through an Atom and a Mu-so Qb version 1.

I used to get a similar problem with Spotify and my gen 1 Mu-so. It usually happened after I updated the Spotify app. I solved it by deleting the app and re-downloading it. That always cleared it up.

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