Muso gen1 Qobuz

Does Muso Gen 1 running 2.0.0 firmware (up to date) allow a Qobuz input???

I am trying a free month of Qobuz on my Nova, but it doesn’t show as an input for my Muso on the Naim App. I’m guessing the answer is no :cry:

The Muso 1 cannot do inbuilt Qobuz. You can multiroom Qobuz to the Muso from the Nova and mute the Nova if that helps. The Muso 2 and Qb2 can handle Qobuz.

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…also available via Airplay.

Multi room is a great idea, thanks.
How does it do Airplay? Is that a Bluetooth input?

The qb is an airplay speaker, so you can select it as the output device when using an iPhone/ipad running the qobuz app.
You might find it a bit flaky, where it will simply stop mid album or mid playlist; I haven’t found a solution other than using additional hardware.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, play something on the Qobuz app, and you will see options to select any devices available on your network that use Airplay, Chromecast or Bluetooth. Your Muso supports Airplay and Bluetooth, so both of these options should be selectable in the Qobuz app.

Android devices will work with Bluetooth, but not Airplay. They also support Chromecast but that’s no use to you with a 1st gen. Muso.

Chris… thanks a lot for that , I’ll give it a go.

Chris …… just tried Qobuz via Airplay to my Muso 1 … it works !
Thanks a lot .

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I sometimes use multi-room from my Atom to listen to Qobuz on my QB1, as suggested by HH in post 2. I can stream up to 96/24 even with the QB using wireless. It seems to work well


Thanks again …

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