Muso gen3?

Noticed the present gen2 being heavily discounted Does that a gen3 is on the way? Now that would be nice if it had Dolby Atmos

I doubt it, he M-so 2 is relatively new in Naim terms.

I’m not sure why anybody would want Dolby anything. Dolby B was just about tolerable.


mu-so 2 succeeded the 1st Gen after ~5 years. The 2nd generation is now 5 years old as well. Combined with the current discounting, my gut feeling is that a 3rd gen is coming in 2024.

I wouldn’t expect any Dolby whatever being implemented though.

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I have noticed Muso’s on sale the last 3-4 month’s - this is usually a sign of new editions awaiting release.
Streaming tech moves fast and 5 years is very long in this niche.

Naim won’t tell you anything beforehand, but I believe we will see something new next year, maybe even before the forthcoming 100 range release.

Muso’s are made in Asia and with now two manufacture premises in Europe, Naim will be ready to expand their product range away from current older kit such as intg amps and 500 series.

I could imagine a XL Muso and a mini Qb with battery pack, maybe a 600 range to complete the 200/300 and later 100 entrylevel.

What’s the going rate for a Muso 2? I might be tempted to upgrade my Qb 1.

There’s a 100 series coming soon?

Yes, but it will also be a Uniti at the same time. I expect something like a Nova with balanced preamp out and built-in phono input like the 222

I think I will hold back in purchasing one, they are at a very tempting price at the moment, that’s without my wife’s John Lewis discount on top,I see what happens in the new year

£899 at john lewis

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Source/evidence for these claims?

bluetooth declaration id search
and :innocent:
(and current discounts on Uniti)

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Ah, yes, thanks - I saw a reference before to the Bluetooth documentation but didn’t see any details of what was involved.

Doubt you will find any evidence out from peoples own guessing.

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