Muso ios15 anywhere widgets?


Any plans to introduce iOS 15 widgets for the Muso family? It would be great to have widget support that can either be accessed from lock or Home Screen with multiple sizes depending on the UI feature/content.

Similar to any other music or other apps that support ios15 style widgets.

I have noticed there is old style widget support but only for streamers and not the new widget “anywhere” support and not for Muso family.

Thank you.

No love for some iOS ease of use with Naim systems? Having anywhere widgets, whether on Lock Screen or on Home Screen and supporting some presets can provide a quick access to music in Naim. Rather then unlock phone, click on naim app, select source and play.

Maybe this is not the place to provide app feedback?

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A slightly harsh assessment from Tom, I think. The widgets can’t do much, but at least they have a functioning volume control, play/pause etc.

I think Tom’s referring to post-IOS 14 widgets, which are different to the old IOS widgets, and don’t present new opportunities for controlling stuff.

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I thought the whole point of a widget was to give you access to basic controls, which it does, with then giving access to the main app for full useage.

Thank you for the above information. Indeed I checked and much of the anywhere widgets launches the main app. The previous style widgets had more control.

I was also hoping for some integration with Sir: Hey Siri, play on my Naim : )

Sadly no controls are possible. The Apple Music widget is an example of this.

Then perhaps you need to teach those amateurs at Apple how it’s done😊
The Naim app still seems to manage it just fine.

(iOS15 on iPhoneXS)

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……besides, I guess Apple have it covered with control direct from the locked screen so you wouldn’t need their widget as well.

That is not for the Muso series, correct ? Alas no :

It works on my QB2 but not on 1st gen. products.

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You get the message about connecting as the device needs to be on and not in standby. Once the unit is on, the widget works as per @ChrisSU widget screen grab.

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Oh i never knew that, though I’ve only tried it with my Muso1. Just tried on my QB2, it’s too bad that the device needs to be on… this old style widget would be super useful had the anywhere widgets allow « control ».

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