MUSO (Mk1) and Radio Paradise connection issues

Having recently decided to give up on hi-fi and generally downsize my life I purchased a Muso (Mk1), which is actually very good for what it is.

My set up is ethernet direct to my BT Smarthub 2 and my Qnap stored FLAC files, all controlled by the Naim App on my Android phone. Everything works well, except for internet radio. I like to switch stations regularly and in most cases the change takes only a few seconds, except for the two Radio Paradise (320kbps) stations. If, for example, I am tuned into R4 and I select Radio Paradise (320kbps) the connection stalls and I then get some, or all, of the following messages:

No rooms found

Another app connected

Disconnect other client and try again

No rooms found (and the usual list of recommendations for reconnection)

I should say at this point that the wi-fi signal on my phone is excellent and I have found that the only way I can reconnect the MUSO is to go into the Naim app, force a stop and then try again.

I noticed another thread on here referring to connection problems with the BT Smarthub and I wondered whether this might have something to do with it, but it seems very odd that it only seems to apply to Radio Paradise.

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