Muso network issue

Hi all, this may be me being an amature but I’m struggling to connect my newly delivered Muso 2 to my network wirelessly, I’ve re booted several times and it tries but the little indicator light on the side always goes purple which accoring to the app isn’t network ready? Anyone had similar issue and come up with any solutions?

Try putting it right next to the router and have another go. Hopefully you can then move it and it will still work. Otherwise it may be a case of either improving your wifi or running an ethernet cable.

Great, thanks I’ll try that tonight, the wifi is generally very good and other Naim digital products have connected seamlessly.

I had a similar issue with a Qb2 that’s a couple of rooms away from the router. Hard to connect and kept dropping off overnight. Like you, we had no problems with other devices in that room.

A cheap but surprisingly effective solution turned out to be, erm…

Brilliant! I’ll give that a go if no joy!

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