Muso QB 1st Gen

Hi I picked up a Muso QB 1st gen as a gift to self last Xmas. Its a great bit of kit. Its in the living room and not been on a huge amount. Can i ask how long it might take to run in and i find it a bit muddy or bassy . is there anything i can do to brighten it up?


Derek, check the settings. You may have loudness switched on (for some reason it is by default), in which case, switch loudness off. Also have a play with the rear wall proximity settings, which alter bass response accordingly. Once that’s done have a little play with positioning too. distance from the rear wall, distance from corners, position on the surface where it’s sat (especially if there’s a lot of surface “lip” ahead of the front of the Mu-So) will all have an effect on bass response.

Also they sound better sat on something hefty/solid, think oak sideboard rather than pine coffee table. (Or on a single speaker stand can work quite well, like an atacama if you happen to have one spare).

I’ve got one too. It takes a lot of hours to run in (I would say days really) and indeed something solid to stand on (mine initially was on a wooden TV cabinet that turned out to be hollow and resonating (not good!) , " near a wall" setting switched on, and if you can (I can’t sadly without upsetting the missus) pull it out of a corner. Raising it so that the tweeter is closer to your ears level does help too.

I bought some vibrapods of Amazon £21.99 and they definitely made a positive difference to the sound. I think there’s a thread on it somewhere.

Thanks for your help everyone !

I bought audio serenity speaker isolation pads from Amazon and placed under my QB2, it tightened up everything including the base…£13.99 for 8 pads.

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