Muso QB 2 Chromecast Issus

I’ve had the Musi QB 2 for around 10 days now and whilst it’s ok, the Chromecast functionality is quite broken.

Airplay and Spotify Connect work flawlessly every time, but Chromecast doesn’t. Sometimes when you try to cast (via multiple different apps), it just won’t connect. The only fix is to restart the unit.

I’ve tried 3 different phones, and a few different apps. Once it stops working, it won’t work on any device until it’s restarted.

I’ve also reset the device and emailed Naim 4 days ago (no reply).

The firmware I’ve installed is which seems to be the latest (even though it’s from 2022).

Anyone have any idea what I could do?


I don’t have a solution, unfortunately. But I had the same experience, so it’s not just your unit. But I was using it for Tidal mostly, so Tidal Connect has caused me to stop using it regularly.

Another thing is that for the wired Chromecasts they will sometimes start broadcasting their setup network on WiFi.

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Thanks! I had a chat with Naim Support and they said it isn’t a known issue?

Will try to replace the device.

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Customer Support were friendly but basically said I have too many devices (20) on my network which I don’t really agree with.

Spotify, Tidal, AirPlay work fine and other Google devices have a stable Chromecast connection.

Given this is highly likely a Naim issue, I don’t feel like it’s something I should ‘put up’ with, so it’ll be going back.

My Naim experience was short lived, may try the Kef LSX’s next.

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Quick update for anyone interested, KEF LSX II are perfect, chromecast stable, even after a few days, never drops out, can easily link with Google Mini’s, I’m super happy. Price is slightly more than Muso but quality and stability is miles better.

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