Muso Qb 2 Firmware update not loading

Hi, just bought a QB2, and it’s fab…

But if I check for firmware update, I just get a “checking for new firmware” message and a continuous refereshing/searching rotating circular icon and nothing else. How do I resolve this?


Sounds a little odd to me.
I presume you’ve successfully connected the QB to the Internet?
It might be worth disconnecting the power for 10 minutes, then restart the QB.
It’s not a problem I’ve experienced.

I had something once with my Qb1. I think apart from reconnecting the power to the Qb, i also re-installed the App - but that was 2 App versions ago.

Try a reset and then set up again. If you are still having issues then contact Naim tech support.

Can;t believe I didnt try the “switching it off and back on again” technique before posting on here… anyway, thanks guys, problem easily resolved!!!

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I had the same problem on Muso 2, and restarting was no solution. I went through this several times and eventually gave up–it was always ‘checking for new firmware’. Interestingly, it did at some point update, even though it was unable to communicate that to me. This was the same kind of thing that happened when I tried to connect via wifi: it just kept working and there was no resolution.
Later when I attached the ethernet wire, I found it had figured out the wifi without telling me it had. Weird, but working.

My muso qb gen1 is already “checking for new firmware” for a few weeks :slight_smile: Thorough check, alas no results yet. I presume it shall take months again to fix this …

Have you sought advice from Naim tech support?

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