Muso QB 2 in 2023

Hi there,

I’m thinking of getting a Muso QB 2, but I’m really not sure how good the sound quality is; and if it still holds up the various newcomers like the Sonos Era 300.

Does anyone have any experience with the QB and/or any thoughts on how it stacks up to the competition in 2023.

Just for context, I plan to use it as a quality system in my home office, where I actually listen to music more than my main Naim system, so it’s quite an important decision.

Cheers lads


It’s amongst the best out there for the money.
If you want a stereo image, look elsewhere.

Hi John, the Muso 2 is currently on special offer, in the UK at least. It’s only £200 more than the QB2 at present and might be worth considering if you’ve got the space for it.


Hi Roger, I’m in Australia, both systems are on sale here, hence the interest. I wonder if new models are coming?

Undecided if it’s suitable to be a desktop/computer companion, having computer audio coming out from the right or left (depending on desk placement) might be a bit odd.

Would a KEF LSX II system be a better option?

I have both QB1 and QB2 in Sydney Australia. Both sound great although the QB2 does sound a little better, the QB1 is definitely not bad by any stretch of the imagination.
As has been mentioned, strong reliable wifi is needed if you can’t hard wire using ethernet.
My kitchen QB1 wifi reception is “marginal” according the web interface but it largely plays OK.

This summer i wanted a second (or third) system with a small footprint, movable and with those streaming stuff.

I listened to several players … but when i listened to the QB2, i was sold. What a sound. No question!

Now it sits here on a bookshelf in the living and it still amazes me how nice the sound is. And my wife can operate the QB2 as well ;-). No wifi connection problems here as you might have red.

The only thing i miss on the QB2 is a headphone socket…

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