Muso-Qb But without the Speaker

One of the thing I love about the Naim family/App is being able to link what’s playing in different room. It crossed my mind today, how great it would be to have a Naim streamer based on the Muso technology, but without the speaker. I’d love this in my office.

It also strikes me that Naim are perhaps missing an entry level streamer that would tie in with the Dac-V1 / Nait 5SI offerings.

I’m aware there are products like the Bluetone. It just feels like a gap.

Idle Sunday musings…

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I think what you’re saying is that you really want an Atom. :grin:



Ah, close, but no. I don’t want the amplifier part. I just want the streamer technology and connections in a smaller box.

Should also be cheaper than a Qb… without amp + speakers. I’d like to go further and lose the DAC too… an external naim streaming board would allow me to wire up my existing active speakers (with built-in DAC) on my desk… and another would give future life back to my main SuperUniti system.

Yep in effect a resurrected 172 in a shoe box? Or even without a Pre section?



You’re not the first person to comment on the absence of an SI level streamer. It’s pure speculation, but perhaps Naim have concluded that it’s not commercially viable to produce one at, say, around half the price of a ND5XS2. Who, other than the good burgers of Salisbury, really knows? Could the success of the Atom even lead them to chop the SI level?


I want one …

I have a Qute v1 to go on my 72, but I dream of a new entry level streamer with the last Interface

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Since Naim no longer have a standalone DAC in the current range, I wonder if it would make sense to produce a DAC-less streamer as it would likely be used with someone else’s DAC. For many, many years they resisted splitting CD players into transport and DAC and never produced a pure transport. I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting!


Yup… I’ve got the DAC-V1 with Ruark MR1 speakers in my office and would love a Naim Streamer to go with it…

I’d love a Naim streamer to go with my DAC-V1… That’s all I need. Hey ho…

If they do that, they lose a key entry level market with the circa 1k kit… Would be sad to see that level go.

I understand that Naim would want to carefully plan a product range but a relatively inexpensive digital transport could open doors as well as close them: could be added to an established non-Naim system as the start of a new Naim system, or could be in each room of the house (sonos-style). Naim aren’t the last word in streaming support (deezer / amazon) so would not make sense to me if that was the only Naim gear you had, in my view.

I am extremely hesitant to upgrade to a Nova due to the way they dropped the SU… an affordable digital upgrade would give me the headspace to focus on the sonic difference instead.

IIRC, the streaming hardware is essentially 3rd-party and it is possible they aren’t allow to sell it in a box with a naim badge on it… or that selling a useful box for £300 makes them look less of a luxury brand.

a CORE with streamer party will be the dream :wink:
even without screen, it’s not necessary (to me)

The entry level range has seemed out of sync with the other ranges for some time now: the only one with a CD player and no streamer, so I can’t believe Naim haven’t thought about this. So I wonder if the new Unitis have eaten into the entry market, but that’s pure speculation.

I’m not in the market for a Nova, but if I were I’d certainly want to compare it with an XS setup at more or less the same price. But the Nova also seems to be selling well, so what do I know?


I’d love to compare a Dac-V1, Nap 100 and Buesound Node2i to a nova! Really what I’m asking for is the Naim challenger for the Bluesound.

Auralic make an Aries Mini, which is price/feature comparable with a Bluesound Node. Some of the Auralic kit (e.g. Aries G1) looks around the same price point as an ND5 XS 2… so Naim arguably have something competing at that level already.

The Aries G1 is in a much higher league than the Aries Mini and is transport only, so not strictly comparable with ND5XS. I think the Altair G1 is closer competition for the Naim box.


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