Muso QB Losing Connection

Our Muso QB is mostly used for listening to the radio and is connected using WiFi. We have experienced issues for quite a while now where it would be switched on first thing in the morning and there would be no connection (or at least no radio transmission). Switching off power at the wall socket and then back on again would bring the radio on and everything back to normal. This used to happen say once a month or less but it seems to be every other day now, and just occasionally during transmission. I did speak to Naim who suggested a reset using a pin in the hole at the back of the unit - this has been done a number of times but to no avail. Some days I’ve had to switch the power on and off 2 or 3 times during the day so it’s not exclusively in the morning after a longer period of inactivity. The firmware is up to date.

We use a TP-Link router downstairs and also a TP-Link WiFi extender upstairs. Both use the same SSID and password. I’ve seen the Muso QB connected to either one at various times. I’m presuming that even if there is a drop-out whilst connected to one or the other it should still re-connect? We use other devices around the home connected via WiFi and don’t have any problems. Any ideas as to the cause of this problem or anything else we can try?


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I suspect that the Qb is not getting quite enough signal from either WiFi access point. You could test this hypothesis by moving it much closer to one of them and try it there for a day or two. I realise this may be quite inconvenient but for testing purposes might be manageable.


I have read many instances of the Muso family and the Uniti family dropping Wi-Fi connections as matter of routine. My Qb and Nova were no exception. In fairness, Amazon Prime on my Samsung tv was equally as bad, and no matter what I tried, they all were rubbish with Wi-Fi. I have Virginmedia 200+mbps so shouldn’t have been a problem.

Eventually I resigned myself to this conclusion and decided to build myself a LAN. (Why pay someone to do something I can do myself). Many hours of climbing around the attic and crawling on my belly under the floor boards, and crimping connections, I had an extensive network all over the house.

Result: plugged everything in to the network and not had a single dropout on any device since.

If at all possible, build a LAN. It’s not so difficult, and is worth every bead of sweat.

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Thanks David, that’s easy enough to try. I’ll give it a go next week when I’m back home.

If you feel you get a better connection with it connected to the main wifi downstairs, turn off the upstairs one whilst you pair the QB to the downstairs wifi. Once paired, turn on the upstairs wifi again.
I had issues in our holiday home when my QB for unknown reasons decided to connect to the “distant” downstairs wifi when upstairs was better.
I also experienced issues with my iPhone hanging on to the downstairs wifi when I had moved upstairs.
A better quality wifi system might resolve the issue, or consider using two different SSID’s so you know for sure you’ve connected the QB to the right one.

Thanks Blythe. My internet/router set up seems pretty stable and I don’t have any issues with other WiFi connected devices. That’s one of the reasons why I bought the TP-Link router rather than rely on the ISP supplied one. I suppose my main question really is, regardless of whether the QB is connected to the main router or the WiFi extender, should it not automatically re-connect if and when a drop-out of signal occurs?


I would have hoped it would reconnect but my own experience showed that it often didn’t.
Renaming one wifi access point means the QB will only connect to that one wifi.
It’s a work-around until I can get a wired connection to where I need it…
I do of course now how to toggle wifi on my phone to make sure I’m also connected to the same wifi.

I am having the same problem. I’ve had Mu-so qb since the release and just needed to reset a couple of times. Last month, whenever I turn on the speaker I have to reset and sometimes lose the connection during streaming. Is it possible it have to do with any recent updates?

Both of the above statements are probably the reason why it’s not working.
Have you tried putting your network back to standard as delivered by your ISP?

We have a Qb that is great for internet radio with no dropouts, but try streaming Spotify and it drops quite regularly, to the point where we don’t attempt it anymore. Frustrating to say the least.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion. I haven’t tried that but it might be worth a go. I’m not sure why you think my set up, particularly using a third party router, may be the cause of my problem. Generally the freebie routers (“free” for a reason) are not very well thought of and I have always found the third party routers to be more stable than the ISP supplied ones. For example, several years ago, I found my connection to the extra Sky boxes in the house would drop out and I’d regularly have to reset the boxes. I was convinced the cause was the BT Home Hub router, BT said it was down to my Sky equipment. I changed the router to a TP-Link model (not the one I use now) and never had the problem again. Now I get dropouts with the Muso Qb or internet radio doesn’t work after the unit has been switched off overnight yet I don’t have issues with any other WiFi connected equipment (iPhones, iPads, Sky boxes, MacBook, games consoles etc) or at least if (unknowingly) they do disconnect then they must re-connect quickly without us realising.

My query was particularly concerning why once I lose connection the Muso Qb does not re-connect by itself upon detecting the WiFi network.

The supplied routers are usually very good and give the best performance otherwise the customer would be on the phone to the ISP all the time.

Wi-Fi extenders don’t work very well, much better to have an Access Point instead.

It’s a common theme on this forum for issues such as yours and quite often do to DIY networking so you are not alone.

I’ve never had a disconnection on the Qb so have no experience of reconnects.

Just out of interest is your Muso Qb connected via WiFi and is the router in the same room?

I will also try switching the extender off completely so the Qb can only connect to the router.

My Qb is connected to my AP on my downstairs network. The AP is actually an old BT Hub 4 reconfigured to act as an Access Point.
I then use a control pad also connected to the AP.

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