Muso QB remote?

Will it work the volume control on a Nait 5i, does anyone know?

I don’t think so. For a NAIT5i you’ll need an i-com, Narcom (any version will do), R-Com, or Flash remote handset.

Thanks Richard.

If you do find an i-com, I would avoid it though, unless very cheap. The i-com was the original remote supplied with the first NAIT 5i units. It wasn’t very good and many broke. That’s why Naim stopped supplying it and went to supplying the 5i kit with Narcoms instead. Much better.

The Nait remote has given up the ghost so I’m looking out for an alternative. Probably a at 80 pounds approx seems favourite.

I see that Narcoms tend to sell for around £30-50 secondhand. How about a Flash or an R-com? I reckon a Flash used on a NAIT 5i would be rather, er… Flash!

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