Muso QB Series 1

Hi - just setting up my QB1 and the base light isn’t coming on. The rest of the unit is functioning fine but I am unable to determine how to remedy this.

Any ideas on a simple light change or servicing?

How is the illumination set in the App? Have you tried changing it?

Richard sometimes you type too fast!

In the app, settings then lighting, adjust as needed.

Thanks - have done in the app and can see the halo on the rotary dial change in brightness but nothing from the base.

The bottom leds are mounted above the Perspex base behind the Naim logo, front left.
They can be repaired at the factory, but any repair requires smacking 7 bells at the bottom to remove the Perspex block, which are glued in place. They don’t come apart with quite the finesse of an apple iPhone, it requires a little more brutality let’s say.
Personally I’d not go there.

Thanks - I’d had a look and reached the same conclusion but hoped there was some secret squirrel way of doing so and I’d rather not be smacking it with a hammer! Thanks for the guidance though…shame as it looks quite cool when all lit up.

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