MuSo Qb setup

Question form the off: which generation of MuSo Qb do you have?
If it’s new, likely 2nd gen; unless you bought some discounted remainder of 1st gen offers?

Maybe some confusion comes from the fact, that the 2 generation likely have different setup procedures? (Actually guessing here.)

Okay… done a FULL reset. Even removed and reinstalled the app.

LED on the back of Muso flashing purple.

Reset tablet to Muso wifi

Start app.

Setup new product

Select muso.

Start setup

No change tablet to main wifi (that’s what the instructions say)

Back to app


LED on back is flashing purple.

On app select Flashing Purple

Now app says unable to scan. Goto Location Services and check allowed. Press Yes. Location Services ARE allowed. Back to app.

Select Purple flashing again.

Error location services…

Now it stays in this loop.


So that’s TWO tablets with different Android and no joy.

Will now goto car and get Android 11 phone and try that.

I know this is a NAIM forum so I shall avoid expletives but, honestly…?

Goto setup wifi

Okay… Android 11 now… Looks like it MIGHT be getting there. Looks like Android 8 or 7 are a no go… some warning of this issue would have been good :frowning:

Now it gets a lot further. It even got as far as saying proceed with f/w update. To which I said yes and now the app is saying it can’t see the Muso. Is this normal?

Do you have a ‘mesh’ network? If so turn it off.

Well it did the f/w update and, in the process, lost all the wifi settings!!!

Now starting from scratch again. I will NOT loose my temper :slight_smile:

No mesh. Standar business AP 4ft from the tablet and Muso…

Oh, hold it, another error message… ‘No NAIM Products Detected…’

Honestly? You’re having a larf!

Ok, so you have a wired AP to extend your WiFi. Does it have the same SSID as the router?

I’m not sure what you mean by this.

The instructions for setup using the app say explicitly to ensure the android device is on the same network you want the muso to use ( ie your normal home wifi network)

I have never used an android device to setup a Naim product so not sure how much help I can be sorry.

Yes I had to connect the tablet (now phone) to the main wifi.


had to start again and reboot phone! After f/w update it forgot the wifi settings… annoying. So it was reset for 1-2 seconds and do it all again.

Now redone.

I suppose I now need to go through all that rigmarole again when I take it to work to connect to the office network. The ability to scan for networks would be damn useful and save hours of aggravation.

Once the setup is done via Android 11 process then that’s it and I’m free to use Bubble or Naim app on a more lowly Android 8 or 7 tablet. Only need to use a newish Android for the actual wifi setup.

I think the fact that I needed a higher Android to go through the setup would have been useful to know and saved a LOT of blood pressure and swearing!

Re taking it to work, if you can get an Ethernet connection where you want to use it, you can just plug it in and turn the Qb on. After a minute or so it will connect by Ethernet. You don’t need to mess about with settings and it will still use the WiFi as currently set up when you take it home again.



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True and, tbh, I will probably never use the wifi part BUT I felt compelled to go through the wifi setup anyway just in case… tbh after three hours of enhanced stress I’m not sure gaining the knowledge about how to do this was really worth it!

router doesn’t have wifi… just replying to your query.

Ash, I see. And only the router does DHCP requests?

Yep. The AP is just an AP.

Naim have replied re. my support ticket. Basically suggesting do what I was trying to do for several hours with no success.

I’ve have emailed them back to perhaps test on older Android versions… ‘Play’ store doesn’t help much


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So sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. I’m not sure the following is of any help, but when I tried to set up my Muso (1st Gen) at the office of my former employer via wifi some years ago it could not be done because of the security settings of the byod network at work which did not allow two devices (my iphone and the muso) to actively communicate with each other. So there may be reasons outside the Muso at play as well.

I think the older tablet with Android 7 (might be 6) didn’t support the capability to allow the app to instigate a wifi search - this is required to switch your device (phone/tablet) from your main wifi to the private muso wifi and back again. The Android 8 tablet does support this but the naim app couldn’t seem to get past the permissions for ‘location services’ (this feature allows an app to use the devices wifi to search and roam). This WAS enabled but the naim app just wouldn’t work.

Android 11 actually came up with a warning… something along the lines ‘…is it okay for the naim app to change your wifi?..’. Say Yes and from that point on it seemed to work - damn slow though. Then it all went pointy bits up after the f/w update so it was a case of reboot phone, restart app, reset muso and start again.

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Okay… needed to change to a different wifi network. This is what you have to do…

Press reset on muso for 2 seconds (now led flashes purple).
Reboot phone - other wise doesn’t see wifi from muso.
When phone back connect to muso wifi
Click on + top right naim app screen.
Select muso… go through setup.
When asked which wifi network to use select accordingly and enter security key.
When asked to allow wifi connection to change say yes.

Wait… and then a bit longer…


Now I just need to remember all that for when I take the muso to work on Monday (might use lan cable actually).

Now you have written it down here, you can consult it if you forget by Monday!

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