Muso Qb usb playlists - help please

I’ve just bought a Qb2 and I am trying to figure out all of the features not covered in the user guide. So that’s almost everything then! In particular can you advise on how I can use playlists with my large USB device full of music ordered in folders by artist and album. I can’t find any way of opening .m3u playlists whether big or small. The Naim app lists them but won’t open them. The objective is to load a big playlist and play it in random order. If I just select one subfolder or file the random button only randomises within the one folder.

A secondary question concerns playlists delivered via UPNP. There seems to be a size limit could anyone confirm what that is please? If I choose my entire collection I get an error which I haven’t been able to read on the app screen.

Grateful for any advice - thanks.

Hi, I’m not sure your Muso USB input will be able to read playlists. I think you will need to access them from a separate UPnP server.

There is a 500 track limit on the play queue. It’s a limitation of the Naim app. I guess Naim thought that would be enough, although people do occasionally post here hoping that it could be increased.

Thanks for answering so promptly. It seems daft that I need to run a second computer and attach the USB stick to that just so that I can utilize playlists. Even the player in my car can handle folder structures and randomise across the entire device if required. I’ll tackle the 500 tracks issue by subdividing the playlists and see how I get on.

I don’t know about the QB, but I did ask a question for an NDX2, and the answer with an example is below. It may be your paths on your USB are not correct - anyway see if this helps

Not ideal, but as you mentioned “playlists delivered by UPnP” in your OP I assumed you had a server running somewhere, in which case that may be the best place to manage playlists which can then be used on the Muso.

Thanks gadgetman. I tried replacing spaces in the playlist with %20 but it didn’t work. I will also try saving all the files without spaces in the path but I’ll do that when I have more time and after the app is updated. Funnily enough when I select the playlist it turns on internet radio but keeps the icon for USB - very strange!

Understood ChrisSU but I’m trying to simplify and not run more computers than I really need. If all else fails I’ll probably use Raspberry Pi as a server. I reckon I can afford 3 or 4 watts even at 37p per KWh!

I think I’ve found an unexpected solution which will allow me to run a server without much extra overhead. My router is a Netgear Nighthawk and it has a USB 3 socket which under the Readyshare branding supports a built in DLNA server. For some reason ( probably security or to make room for some new cloud sharing options) this was dropped as an option in later firmware so I had to wind back the firmware to find it. Its working with the Qb which will load the playlists provided you list them as a list rather than pictorially and use the ellipsis button. I’ll check that the power consumption of the router hasn’t gone through the roof but it should be better than running a separate computer.

Yes, quite a few routers can run a UPnP server, as can virtually any computer or NAS. You may find that the server it runs is rather basic compared to dedicated music servers like Asset or Minimserver, but if it works for you without having to run additional hardware that’s a good result.

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