Muso Qb v2 lag with Chromecast

I just purchased Muso Qb v2 with the latest firmware update but it lags with Chromecast, hoping that the bluetooth issues I experienced with the Muso ver1. I have tried resetting, restarting,getting everything on the same wifi network etc etc. Still the lag persists. My $100 JVC speaker does a better job of pairing with no lag. What am I doing wrong or is this a known bug?! Please help.

What do you mean by lag? Lags compared to what?

I suppose you mean the time it takes until play starts. This seems to depend on where you are chromecasting from. Using the 555 this has never really anoyed me enough to write about it, also I have no lowcost speaker to compare it to.

There is roughly a 1-2 second lag between the video and audio, so for example in a conversation the speech comes after the speaker speaks.

Ok that sort of lag!

This is caused by the digital processing taking some time and I don’t think it’s avoidable. However you should be able to delay the video in your TV to bring it into sync. However it’s not what the Qb was designed to do. If I were you I would explore other ways to connect it.

Good luck with finding a solution.

When on Netflix for example, I can Chromecast from my computer to the Qb2 without latency but then I lose the video signal on the projector (also linked via Chromecast). I set up both the projector and Qb2 in the same room group using Google Home. Since the Qb2 has built-in chromecast it should work with the projector?! So frustrating.

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