Muso QB2 constantly disconnecting

Hello all,

My Muso QB2 has been running on WiFi on the upper floor of my house. It constantly disconnects from my Naim app, this happens daily. It is a simple fix. I simply restart my iPhone and upon restart the Naim app finds my Muso QB2 again. This does get annoying sometimes.

My NDX 2 and Uniti Core (both hardwired with Ethernet cables on the main floor) never disconnect.

Hardwiring the Muso QB2 is not an option.

My first question is: can anyone explain what is happening for the QB2 to constantly disconnect? I am not the most technologically savvy person but understanding the background may shed some light on the way forward.

Secondly: what can I do to avoid the Muso QB2 constantly disconnecting (keeping in mind that hardwiring is not an option)?

Thank you for your time.

This issue has been covered a number of times iirc, so search is always worthwhile.
Without details and assuming iPhone and Qb2 have been updated - versions numbers always help in these situations - “the latest…” isn’t a v number!
What is likely happening, if Qb2 and control point are on wifi, is that the latter is on 5ghz and the Qb2 on 2.4ghz when your router modem, again no details, likely does your wifi.
There are known issues that some routers don’t do a satisfactory handoff between the two different bands.
Your iphone can’t be coerced to use only one band, so in the router, turn off the 5ghz band, restart Qb2 and control point and chances are that fixes the issue. (Note a restart of router may be required.) If you have need for 5ghz band, then a WAP back hauled may be necessary, in which case you would have to disable wifi from the current source.

Thanks @sound-hound