Muso QB2 Delay

Hi all,
I placed an order (and paid in full) for a Muso QB2 back in April this year. I did expect a delay of 4-6 weeks as advised by Audio Affair, but am still waiting for it after more than 12 weeks!

Any Naim staff here who can shed a light on this as Audio Affair did tell me that Naim were yet to commit to a date?
Thanks in advance!

Sorry to hear that V. I do know that regular Mu-So Gen2 production has been hit by the global component shortages. However, an order from April does seem like a longer than expected delay. Unfortunately only your dealer and their Naim sales rep will know the situation. Nobody on here will know any more than you or I. I suggest you keep on at the dealer.

Yes, I heard the same about the regular Mu-So Gen2. Which is why it’s so strange I haven’t received my QB2 as it was ordered as a bundle with the regular Mu-So Gen2 which I have received and have been enjoying as a sound bar for some time!

I vaguely recall seeing a thread a while back with a Naim staff member who was able to give updates on shipments going out…

Hello! There has been huge global demand for the Mu-so range, which - coupled with the global issues around component shortages* AND shipping logistics - means lead times are much longer than normal.

We are working hard to ensure the situation improves as we head towards peak selling period.

There are stocks of certain Mu-so models (though I know Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation stock is extremely limited right now), but it varies by country - it’s best to ask your dealer for the latest situation.

  • For context, even Apple - a trillion dollar company - are struggling to get everything they need!
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Hi Clare! Yes, I have contacted the (UK) dealer a couple of times now and they had no news.

I totally get the component shortage, but have been waiting since April for an item I already paid for in full, so it’s very frustrating.

Even more so that I have to put up with (whispers) sonos in my kitchen… :slight_smile:

I feel your pain…!

We have had stock deliveries of Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation since April, so i’m unsure why you’re in the situation you’re in - especially as you paid in full. I would speak to your dealer again - they should be able to ask our customer service team for a specific update.


Thanks Clare. I will email Audio Affair again and advise them to contact the Customer Service team.

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Same here in Canada, FWIW. Told that a Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen and an NDX 2 could take “months”. That said, my dealer is a top notch guy. Won’t take a deposit at this point….

My luck, experienced a similar delay for a new car. Global semiconductor shortage is the big issue.

Latest from me…still no Mu-so Qb 2nd Gen for me. I contacted the dealer as @Naim.Marketing suggested, and was told mid-to-late August…and here we are in mid-September. :disappointed:

Was considering cancelling and asking for a refund but then I might end up at the back of the queue and potentially having to spend more (based on the way prices are rising).

At a loss now as to my next move…I can’t wait forever whilst [Dealer] sits on my money.

I’m working with our various teams to get out some updated comms around product availability - will update when I have that info.

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I ordered a Muso QB 2nd Gen from Hifonix 7th Sep and it arrived in three days

Suggest you get your money back and order from them instead

Hifonix have a 3-4 week wait now… I wonder how they managed to obtain stock and their Birmingham neighbour didn’t?

There seem to exist straightforward explanations for this. Some dealers will order more to have in stock even if they have no customer orders, some will order less for that, some none at all. And then people come in and buy, which has an element of randomness, and will deplete any dealers stocks to differing degrees in a given week.

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Update from my retailer: according to them, the information directly from Naim is that they should be receiving a batch at the end of October. The wait continues…

There goes October and no Muso QB 2nd Gen and no further update from Audio Affair.
@Naim.Marketing did you have updated comms?

Yes. Plenty more Mu-so and Mu-so Qb will be available this side of Christmas - but you can see the widely reported delays to shipping and logistics; we hoped end of October but will be this month.

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