Muso QB2 disappearing from Roon

I’m not quite sure how to approach this - I have a Muso 2 and 2 additional Muso QB2s as well as 2 Uniti Novas in different systems in my house.

I use Roon so I never really use the Naim app at all. One of the big reasons I use Roon is to use the “Group” feature to link together the different Muso devices with the Novas for whole-home audio. I realize this can be done with “Multiroom” in the Naim app, but there are hand-off issues between the app and Roon when I go back to use Roon, so I just keep 100% use at Roon.

For the past week now, my Kitchen QB2 has disappeared from Roon. It cannot be added to the Group, and it doesn’t even appear in Audio Devices in the Roon Audio settings. BUT it is not offline - I CAN select the Kitchen QB2 in the Naim app AND I can select it as a speaker from other audio apps like Qobuz and Spotify.

I feel like this has to be some conflict between Roon and the Naim app somehow, like the Naim app has it under control and so it will not show up in Roon.

And that there must be some way to reset to a “baseline” to get everything reconfigured so the Kitchen QB shows up in Roon Audio settings again.

Any ideas on how to get things back to normal?

The Naim app doesn’t conflict with Roon, not in my experience. Is the qb2 on WiFi? If so what’s your network setup, most times discovery fails in Roon is down to something blocking discovery or firewall do you have a mesh system in place as these are known to cause some issues if not configured correctly. Are you using 5ghz or 2ghz for wireless?

To rule out its that Qb2 could you swap it out for the other and see if this issue continues or swaps to the other one you put in the kitchen.

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Well actually I solved the problem. I updated the firmware on my Innuos Zen streamer, and then updated the Roon software (both of which had updates in the past 3 weeks) and it still didn’t show up in Roon.

Unplugged the Kitchen QB2 and plugged it back in, and as soon as it came back online it showed up in Roon again. I have all my Muso’s grouped and playing back right now, so problem solved!

I know your experience has shown it has not conflicted with the Naim app, but I have had issues in the past - when I initially got the Nova about 7 months ago, I would try to A/B listen to sound quality differences between the Naim app and Roon and I would frequently have to unplug the Nova to “reset” control of the unit to one or the other apps. 99% of the time they would not swap back and forth at all.

I think that may have been the case in this situation as well - at any rate it’s all sorted and we’re back in business here.

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