Muso qb2 REMOTE

The remote has the star button. Does this just cycle through the presets? Can somebody explain how to activate eg. Preset 3 using the remote?
Still unsure about a purchase :thinking:

(Edited) all operations can be performed using the Naim app.
Pretty simple to press 3.

Actually, the remote comes in the box with the Qb2, and will operate the Qb1 as well. To answer @castalla ‘s question, the star button cycles through the presets. So how many presses are needed depends on the starting point. I’m not sure how useful this facility is, as you need to look at the unit to know which preset it’s on, unless you know the order. It’s very handy for mono and mute however.

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The Mu-so remote is one of the worst Naim products ever, right up there with the HiLine DIN terminators. I can’t believe they charge so much for spares. It’s a $10 remote at best.

Removing the battery door is an exercise in angry frustration. I now have knife marks on mine because prying it off was the only way (for both of mine). In addition all the print has worn off, so there is no way anymore to tell what button does what. Unless you already know the buttons by memory you have to look it up.

Now I just do everything via the Roon controller.

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Maybe you are being careless when opening the remote. You just put a knife in the slot and slide the little cover off, and it doesn’t leave any marks at all. I’m not sure dissing the remote is remotely helping the OP, who just wants to know how it works, not how much you think it’s worth.

If you think my post is out of line then instead of complaining about it, report it. Otherwise, ignore me rather than scolding me, because last I checked this is a forum for open discussion.

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I also mean the actual unit not just the remote.

On the unit you touch the favourites button and the five presets appear. You then press the one you want. It’s very easy to use.

I would rate the uniti remote (which I think also comes with NC) below it. At least it’s not bulky. But it does consume batteries like nothing else.

But that’s hardly ‘remote’! Thanks anyway.

But you said ‘I also mean the actual unit’, which is why I explained how it works on the said ‘actual unit’.

Crossed wires, I’m afraid. Earlier, others thought I was considering buying only a remote!
I’m still hesitant since naim only offers vTuner and no Deezer.
Chromecast is a big plus however.