Muso Qb2 remote

I got a a Muso Qb2 today, setup was a breeze. However, how on earth do you get the battery cover off the remote? I’ve tried pressing down on the lower part of the back and sliding it down but nothing is budging! There’s either a knack to this or I’m missing something, don’t want to force it too much in case I break it.

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I managed to get it off using a thin kitchen knife but with nothing more than my fingers it was impossible! The quick start guide said remove the plastic tab from the battery but after all that there wasn’t one :joy:

It’s a flimsy piece of crap, and when you try to push and slide the cover off, the thin plastic cover bends inwards so the catch doesn’t release.
I find a blunt but thin bladed knife pushed into the gap does the trick. Not that I ever use it. As far as I’m concerned the app is the remote. The last time I opened the cover was to remove the battery and stick the thing back in the box.

I used an old credit card type of plastic so as not to damage the remote.
It is extremely hard to remove otherwise!