Muso qb2 - volume control

Hello. I’ve just purchased a MUSO QB2. I’ve connected the device and downloaded the app. All well. I’ve now taken the device to a place where I don’t have internet connection and the volume knob is dead. I’m connected via Bluetooth to my Iphone. Any idea? Thanks. F.

Are you saying that when you turn the volume control on the top of the Mu-So, it doesn’t work or respond?


Maybe there’s a block?

I don’t know. I wouldn’t have thought so, but then I haven’t spent any time on the 2nd gen Mu-So yet, so couldn’t say for sure. It doesn’t sound right though as the Mu-So should be able to play stand-alone with local sources.

If nobody else comes up with any ideas then best contact Naim support on Monday.

If memory serves, this happened to somebody else’s brand new Qb2 last week. Maybe there is a dodgy batch.


Turn the volume up on your phone.

When my phone connects, the volume is set to 0 automatically, tho I’ve never tried adjusting the Muso on its own at this point - I just increase vol on the phone.

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