Muso QbMk1 firmware update problem

For quite a while I’ve noticed Tidal doesn’t stream some albums. It’s now got to the stage where most of the albums I select don’t stream.

Searching the forum, it appears a firmware update will solve the problem, but I’m unable to update. When in rooms, there is no message indicationg there is an update, but when I tap onto the Qb in rooms, at the top of the next page it indicates there is an “update available”. When I tap on the arrow next to it, I end up back in rooms. :crying_cat_face:

Hi - just a suggestion (never tried it, but seems appropriate): just do a temporary wired connection, to QB, to internet & try the update (??)

Fc, if trying a wired connection doesn’t solve your issue, try contacting Naim tech support.

Thanks JR & Richard. All sorted and working now.

I did a factory reset on the Qb. During the setup, it upgraded to the latest firmware.

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