Muso question

I’m thinking of getting a Muso Qb mainly for listening to radio. I occasionally use Spotify but only the free version. I keep reading that Muso works with Spotify Premium but haven’t read it it will work with the free version from my android phone.
Any ideas?

I can send free Spotify via airplay to both ndx2 and qb. I would assume the Android equivalent would work via chromecast.

free version of spotify works fine with my muso v2 and naim app on android tablet no need for chromecast - but if you are looking at a version 1 cube i am not sure

That’s great thanks, it will be a 2nd gen :slight_smile:

Well I got it and I’m chuffed. Let’s just say it brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye and it’s not burnt in yet plus I’ve only had chance to play Spotify FREE so far so no hi-res yet.

Well happy


Glad to hear you’re enjoying your QB. I was surprised to find that mine showed up the improvements from hi-res material, including Qobuz 24 bit stuff. I also find that the lossless FLAC radio stations listed in the Hidef Radio section sound much better than the reguar AAC or MP3 versions.

Thank you it’s a brilliant piece of kit, much better sounding than my Meridian F80.

I have one issue which I will be posting in a minute.



When you’re listening to it, you lose all sense of time???


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