Muso remote

Does anyone know if Muso remotes will be sold again? I have a Qb and would quite like a remote control. I understand that both generations of Muso come with remotes and that you could previously acquire a standalone remote if you wanted one to use wiht a Qb (which doesn’t come with one). Online retailers seem to suggest ‘more stock Spring 2019’ but I’m not sure if there are actually to be any. Is the Muso Gen2 remote the same as Gen1?

David, this is a question probably best answered by your Naim dealer or by contacting Naim support directly.

FWIW, the new Mu-so 2 remote looks like this;

Hi David, we will be selling the new Mu-so remotes online in the next couple of weeks and they are backwards compatible so they work with both Mu-so 1st Generation and Mu-so Qb. In the meantime, if you would like to order one please go through your local retailer. Many thanks

Please can you let me know if the new remote is of a quality comparable to other Naim remotes.

I purchased the old type remote for a Mu-so Qb, and this remote (as others have mentioned) does not have a quality feel compared to the other remotes I have for Naim products, although it seems to work without any issues.

Fernar, I’ve only had hands on with the original Mu-so remote. Yes, it’s smaller and lighter weight compared to other Naim remotes, but as you say, it works well.

Can the Nait5si remote control work with the Mu-so qb?

I don’t think so.

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