Muso skips files with special characters in file name/title

The more I play with the muso I am finding out odd quirks. If there is a special character in the file name or title it will not play the album at all or it will skip the track. The characters I have found so far include # and %, there may be more but these seem to occur. Anyone else noticed this? I am playing files on a USB hard drive so don’t know if streamed music is affected. I have to remove the offending character to get it to play, which is a bit of a pain.
The character $ seems to be accepted so maybe it is a compatibility issue. I recall that you couldn’t use certain characters in files name once (e.g. colon), maybe still can’t.
Overall though this does not detract from what a great piece of kit the muso is - and getting better as it wears in.

I’m not hugely surprised- here’s what Microsoft say:

One album of mine with potentially dodgy track names is handled ok; I probably put this through regex to do a tidy up.

The metadata on the other hand pretty much allows anything.

Plays fine on a muso:

I certainly don’t have the problem with #. I listen mostly to classical, and I must have hundreds (maybe thousands) of tracks with names like Symphony #1 or Movement #1.

I don’t have a problem using other PC software such as VLC. Just one more curve ball that life throws at you.

Hi @Nobby_Clarke

This subject in true computing style is a little more complex than it should be.

On the Naim Muso Gen 2 we use the Tuxera licenced disc format drivers which then feeds into Linux. This allows us to read:

  • NFTS
  • ExFat
  • HFS+
  • APFS
  • Fat32/16 (we standard Linus drivers for that).

As mentioned by someone in this thread there are various characters that are considered reserved by various operating systems or disc formats. Tread into using these characters and it can either mean:

  1. Its invalid for that disc format
  2. Its invalid/reserved for that operating system

Typically if testing on the same computer between different apps then compatibility is good. However, when switching to a different computer on a different OS then things can become problematic.

There is a very long dull thread on the subject in stack overflow on this:

We did various fixes on a few characters that didn’t work a few years back, but they should all be good now. It maybe worth checking that your Muso is on latest code. If you have some examples of filenames that don’t work then do post some examples and if we are guilty of bugs then we’ll fix it in next software release.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

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Many thanks for your reply Steve (and others), most helpful.

I first noticed the issue when the trying to play any file in a folder named Elvis #1s. All the music files (tried mp3 and flac) were there but it simply would not play - until I removed the # from the folder name. Then all good. I have since found that any music file with a # in the filename (e.g. funk #59.mp3) would not play. The track would not play if selected individually or would be skipped in the album sequence. In fact it would skip to the second track after the offending one. I also found the same effect with %, which occurs in several music files. But not with $ - that was fine. These three seem to be the only special characters I have in my music library.

As others reported, they have no problem so maybe it is the source, or as you say compatibility with the source. The hard drive is a Seagate 2TB back-up plus. It is formatted as exFAT.

As far as I know, the muso is up to date. I have two - bought within the last 7 months and both were updated when first switched on.

Again thanks for your time. I don’t personally see it as a big issue and I can get around it. However, I can sympathize with you having to keep up with compatibility needs. It was much easier in my day of Pascal, C++ and even machine code.

Let me know if you need a tester!

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