Muso2 vs Qb2

Morning to all,

I sold my main system, a full 7 boxes 500DR, but I’m not leaving the brand :smiley:

I plan to buy a Mu-So (Qb) !

I am still wavering between the Mu-So and the Mu-So QB.

Is the Mu-So just a bigger version of the QB? Or does it also have extra features?

The Mu-So includes a powerful DSP engine. Does the QB have it too?

Thank you for your feedback.


It’s a lot of a stepdown!
The DSP engine just provides profiles for near walls and corners, this is on both versions.

A Mu-So is clearly better than the QB version.

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Mu-so has a much bigger sound and better connectivity than Qb, which is perfect for smaller spaces.

Both are excellent though - as their multiple awards around the world demonstrate.

I would suggest you buy 2nd Generation version, whichever speaker you choose - the step up in performance and functionality from the original versions is considerable.


I demo’d both and chose the Muso2 - the multiple speaker drivers gave more air, space and body around the music.
I added IsoAcoustic Orea pucks to isolate it from the kitchen worktop which elevated the SQ a bit more.
I also have a usb device connected with cd’s ripped to flac.
It all sounds very good, recommended!


Thank you @Guinnless @Naim.Marketing and @DogWalker for your answers.

I don’t intend to buy a first-generation MuSo; I will buy, new, a second-generation device.

It is clear that the amplification and speakers parts of the MuSo-2 are superior to the MuSoQb-2.

In terms of sound, The MuSo-2 is better than the MuSo-Qb-2.

I was wondering about the DAC, the functionalities (such as DSP, etc).
In others words, do the two devices share the same core?

There is no “better” here. It really depends entirely on the space you intend to use it in. We tried a Muso in multiple high street shops and it sounded bang average. Got a couple of dealers to demo it versus a QB and in one room the Muso was way better but in the other the QB won out by a similar distance.

Having since heard the Muso in a friends home set up on a sideboard in a dining room I was suitably impressed. Put our QB in the same space and concluded that, whilst it lacked a little detail, the balance and warmth made it more enjoyable at low volumes and a party machine at high. Somewhere in the middle the Muso shines. It’s a great device but I think there’s an argument that the Muso QB is the more versatile of the two devices.

Enjoy trying them out.

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Both Mu-So’s are surpricingly good and easy on use.
My experience a bit dry or grey performance as in many Class D amps.

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Thank you @mikehughescq and @PerF

I’m thinking of placing the device here.

I guess the Qb-2 is more suitable.
What do you think ?

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As you’re deciding, take a look at Hifi Corner in Edinburgh. They are Naim approved dealers and offer ‘graded’ units - either slight cosmetic seconds or ex-factory resets.
All new with full warranty but at discount - I saved £300.
Their staff are very helpful and knowledgeable.

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Thank you!
I am in Switzerland. Edinburgh is a tad far :sweat_smile:

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QB2 will be perfect.

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I’m constantly amazed how good the sound is from this. Superb.
I have a Muso 2 in the lounge which is also great (especially at higher volumes), but in a way I find the Qb2 more impressive, given where it’s located in our kitchen.

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The qb is a better fit for your kitchen worktop.
However if you can afford the space the larger mu-so will take up, it’s the better unit.

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Definately a Qb

Hi Thomas. There’s no doubt that the larger MuSo is capable of a better sound, but in my book, it’s not a huge difference. Regarding ergonomics, I’m very happy I went with QB2’s. The cube looks more pleasing to my eye and is much less obtrusive or space hungry. The counter top you show definitely looks like a QB would fit nicely.

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Either unit in a corner with cupboards over the top is likely to sound very bassy even with the DSP set to “Close to wall” and the loudness control off. So a QB2 will likely be more practical as you will be able to move it further from the corner/walls to tame the bass a bit.

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Thomas, not sure if this would work for you, but I managed to suspend my MuSo beneath kitchen cabinets, per attached photo, a small DIY project.



The Mark 2 I believe has a “In a Corner” setting that reigns in bass a little further. Something that was not retrofitted in the Mark 1… like I have… sigh… Still, if it doesn’t have to be in a corner, it will sound better.

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Hi Paul,

That’s a clever idea. I might do something similar in my daughter’s room.

For the kitchen, I believe a Qb2 would be more fitting.