Muso2 with tv

I have just order a Muso2, which I plan to connect to a tv (qled q60A).
Should I use an optical cable or the hdmi 2.1? The tv has eARC.
Would the muso2 support hdmi 2.1?


Start with hdmi and make sure the tv is set to output stereo only (no surround sound formats are supported). If you can’t get it to work over hdmi (some TVs are incompatible) then use optical. As before, stereo format only.

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And, in case, the Muso only supports ARC, not eARC.
Then again, for stereo-PCM, it won’t make a difference. (eARC can give more digital bandwidth if you want uncompressed 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos or something in that direction; no bandwidth issue with 2.0.0 channels…)

Otherwise as above.

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Thanks, I will try hdmi!
Should I use a hdmi 2.1 cable? Would the quality of the cable make a difference here?

I’ll just grab some popcorn…:wink:

In theory, you would not need a high-speed HDMI 2.1 cable… (see above). However, there have been reports of “more stable/reliable” connections depending on HDMI cable quality. :man_shrugging:t2:
(Sometimes cheap cables seem to be fine, in other systems combinations, not. Give it a try, if you already have cables to test with. Otherwise “something decent” to start with?)

(Refraining from the popcorn area - so, how much difference in sound quality the cables makes. First thing is stable HDMI connection transmitting the audio and control bits correctly. Anything beyond, after. :wink: )

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