Must have watched too many episodes of Bagpuss

This is bizarre:


:notes: “We will fix it…” :notes:


Charliemouse the gaffer. :+1:t2:

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I wish the mouse would tidy my garage for me.

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I wish the mice we’ve had had these skills!

The video on the link is great. Just sent it to Mrs AC who’s already seen it, maybe it’s been on national news?

This is genuine - the original folk music from Bagpuss by Sandra Kerr and John Faulkner. Definitely worth a listen - v good


Wasn’t there one for Ivor the Engine too?

Not sure but will check it out

Might have imagined it!

Nancy Kerr’s mum. I’ve been very fortunate have been to one of Nancy’s gigs.

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I can confirm there is was a similar reissue for Ivor the Engine. I ripped the CD a few years ago. V nostalgic and reminds me of sitting on the floor munching on a sandwich after school, eyes glued on Ivor, Jones the steam and Idris the dragon. Ah….


Bagpuss currently lives in the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge in Canterbury. It’s well worth a visit, if only to see everyone’s favourite saggy old cloth cat. And the mice on the mouse organ of course. The whole gang is there.


My friend’s house is frequently visited by mice. On one occasion, a mouse chewed through the plastic top of a bottle of sweet chilli sauce and that was the last thing it did. On another occasion while I was house-sitting for her, a one snaffled one of my hearing aids which I had left on a little table. I was rather puzzled by its disappearance and during a finger-tip search found a little strip of sprung plastic which I recognised as being that which sits inside the bottom of the earlobe and prevents the bud coming loose. Subsequently she found the rest of the aid (somewhat mangled) beneath the sofa.

When I solicited a replacement from Audiology they doubtless thought my story smacked of ‘the dog ate my homework’ and charged me £50 quid for a replacement which wasn’t unreasonable in my case.

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I’m convinced when we first moved in that a mouse was on the spinning platter of my LP12 one night - one of those movie scenes where someone looks twice and also at their wine bottle!

Didn’t have mice for years until neighbours did a lot of renovation work, or maybe it was after our cat died :worried:

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