My Atom HE is back from repair

On returning from holiday I switched the power back on to my Atom HE, it had developed a fault and wouldn’t operate as normal.
After exchanging a number of emails with Naim Support, I contacted my dealer and arranged to get the Atom to them.

On the 26/04/24, I put the Atom in its original box and placed it into a large holdall. As I don’t drive, my wife dropped me off at the local railway station.
A short time later, I was on the train with the Atom on the seat next to me, on the way to my dealer in York. The train journey takes 22 minutes, the walk from the station to the dealer takes 20 minutes. I can tell you after 20 minutes the Atom’s heavy.
As my dealer said, “Good job it wasn’t a Nova”.

I handed the Atom over and made the return journey home.

On the 14/05/24, I received a phone call from my dealer, the Atom’s returned from Naim and ready for collection.

I decided to pay for delivery, no brainier, it’s £13.50 return with my railcard, plus the cost of a cup of coffee at York or £15 for next day delivery. I decided for today’s delivery, 17/05/24, I have it and it’s working beautifully.

A phone call to my dealer thanking him for a seamless and painless repair job. Not bad actually, 3 weeks.


well done.
I have one on my desk in the home office. Its lovely.
Forced me into a whole serious upgrade on the main system downstairs to get similar SQ,

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I’m guessing you have the same dealer as me. Sound Organisation. They were great in helping me make my NC decision, including a home demo, and were happy to deliver and set up my new purchases for me. I’m over a hour away by car with no local train station, so this level of support is much appreciated.


:+1: That’s right. Good to deal with.

That’s excellent news. Good service from Naim and your dealer.


Nice. How does the Icon Audio HP8 compare to the Atom HE, with headphones?

Hi Tamarin,
I’m sorry to disappoint but you’re asking the wrong man here. I can tell when something sounds good or bad but to explain why in audio speak, I can’t.
The Icon Audio I use from my SN3 to listen to LPs and CDs, the Atom HE , I stream and listen to my CDs, I’ve ripped to a USB stick.

Both of the headphone amps are very good and do sound different from each other. Neither of them disappoint.


Its nice to see a positive post like this. Thank You for posting… :slightly_smiling_face:

Ideally, nothing goes wrong - but if it does then it should be fixed quickly, as in this case.

Good Work - by yourself, your dealer Sound Organisation - and by Naim.


Can i ask you what the problem was with the Atom HE ?

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@Super . Apparently the Atom was stuck in boot up loop, it wouldn’t display the Home screen only the Naim Logo. The Favourite and play/pause buttons wouldn’t work on the Atom and neither on the remote but I could select music to play from Tidal via the app, strange.
It’s fully working now.
A part inside has been changed.


No worries, but you’re supposed to take the audio speak tutorial before posting on this forum.

Let me be helpful and give you some quick remedial training. Repeat after me…

  • I was totally gobsmacked
  • …like night and day
  • The fog(/veil) lifted
  • …blew it out of the water
  • …sounded broken compared to…
  • The background is inkier and blacker

j/k. Enjoy!


Thank you, I think I have it, it’s as if a veil has been lifted from my mind, the darkness of the night has slipped away and daylight shines forth.