My CD5i.2 Has A Screw Loose

Hi, I’ve just got my CD5i.2 back after 7 weeks in Salisbury having the mech replaced. First thing I noticed was a rattling noise. I managed to get the object out via the drawer and it was a screw (see picture). I’m not sure if this is related to the other issue which is that the DIN output doesn’t produce any sound until the volume is at 3 o’clock. Normally 9 o’clock is very loud. I’ve tried two different DIN cables and the out put is normal via the RCA connector. Can anyone help please?

I’d get your dealer to get it sorted. Start messing about yourself and you could invalidate the warranty on the new mech. A pain I know.

Talk to your dealer and send it back…that is unacceptable.

@NeilS would probably recognise the screw. I wonder whether it’s the one that locks the centre of the lid to the fascia. This must never be done up tight as the lid material is quite soft and can otherwise be damaged.

As Steve and Gazza say, phone your dealer.

Looks like the player is set to RCA only

@HiFiman if only it were that simple. I know how to switch outputs. The RCA is fine wheras the DIN is low level and distorted using two different cables and both DIN inputs on my amp (CD & Tuner) so it’s definitely an issue with the DIN output. My dealers has suggested ringing Naim on Monday but if they can’t help it’s going to have to go back again.

Ah it was a bit of a long shot and didn’t know that you are familiar with the settings.

Let’s hope its not another 7 weeks away at Naim!!!

Hi Zos93,

Firstly, please accept my humblest apologies on behalf of the Naim Service Department for this oversight. Without wishing to make excuses, we have been under immense pressure recently playing Covid catch-up & your player appears to have been a casualty of this.
We do strive to prioritise re-repair units, so I would hope you won’t be without it for too long. Ask your dealer to liaise with Mark Bonner at Tech Support & he will ensure it will be flagged upon its arrival.
As for the screw, it’s an M3x6mm. There are 9 of them inside a CD5i - four secure the fascia, four the PSU PCB & one the transformer loom. Largely irrelevant which one it is, as it should be firmly fastened in its hole!
If the unit was powered up while this errant screw was floating around inside, then yes, it could potentially have caused some damage by shorting something out.
The last checks we perform on products before the cover is refitted is to ensure that it makes music, so whatever has happened, happened after that.
Again, really sorry this has happened.
Disappointment is the polar opposite of what we wish to achieve. :frowning_face:



Hi Neil, thanks for your reply, these things happen. What with Covid and Christmas it picked the wrong time to conk out in the first place!
I’ll arrange with my dealer (Oranges & Lemons) to have it sent back.
It sounds great via RCA but obviously I’d rather use the all important DIN.
Thanks Again

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@NeilS Hi Neil, my CD player was received in Salisbury on the 14th (two weeks ago), you mentioned in your post that re-repairs are prioritised so I was curious if there was any news please? Serial number 257800.

Hi Andrew,

I didn’t personally work on your unit, but it is marked as complete in our system. This means that it has gone through the service department’s processes & is back in its box. Beyond that, its either awaiting despatch or it’s already on its way. I don’t have access to that part of the system unfortunately, but Tech Support will be able to advise you further.

Hope this helps


Apparently my CD Player is back at my dealers having been thoroughly soak tested by Naim and no fault found so I really have no idea what happened and now feel like an idiot.
Just hope it is working when I get it back!


It’s back and sounding great on the DIN output! Thank you @NeilS and the rest of the service department. Great job guys!


Is anyone else really intrigued to know what the original problem might have been?

I feel like I’ve watched a whodunnit and the DVD’s conked out just as the grand reveal started…


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About the DIN? Yes

Yes I feel like that too. It reminds me of being in a hotel in the US and watching something on TV that was interrupted every 7 mins for a 5 min commercial break. (Is it still like that?) It stopped for the ad break before the big reveal and the phone rang. My guest for dinner had arrived early and was waiting in the lobby. I never did find out what happened.

Glad you’re getting as much entertainment from my CD Player as I am now :grin:


Thanks for the feedback - glad it’s all sorted.
Once again, apologies for the inconvenience.



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