My iPad Bluetooth no longer connects to my SuperUniti

Hi, my iPad and other devices no longer pick up my Naim SuperUniti? The Network port in back of the SuperUniti is showing a constant orange light and a flickering green light. It’s connected to Wifi via a Cisco Branch router. I’ve tried turning things on and off, and unplugging and replugging, but no luck. Thanks

A bit confusing – the network port with the orange and green lights show the status of that specific port. If nothing is plugged into it, it is meaningless.

Bluetooth does not use wifi or your router or the port with the blinking lights. You should be able to connect to it with bluetooth.

Is Bluetooth turned on in the SuperUniti settings?

Hi, when you say is the Bluetooth turned on in the settings, do you mean is it chosen as the output? Usually, making the Wi-fi connection on the device (IPad) engages the Bluetooth in the Naim app. Is there another setting that I’m missing? Re: the port. The Cisco router is connected to the SuperUniti via the ‘Network’ port

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