My iPhone continually losing connection to 272 "No rooms found"

Since yesterday I’ve been losing connection to my 272 on the Naim app from my iphone 10 i.e. “No rooms found”

If I restart the phone I get a connection for maybe a minute then connection is lost again and “No rooms found”

I’ve tried a different Apple device and same problem. Tried resetting the router, the 272. Tried deleting and reinstalling the app.

Not sure where to go but it’s driving me nuts.

Help please!

Are you using Wireless rather than wired Ethernet?
If so, that would be my first upgrade.


Yes I am using wireless but sorry I didn’t explain this very well. It’s not the 272 dropping out, that continues to play happily and I can change radio station etc using the remote. It’s the connection between iphone and 272 that I’m losing i.e. “No rooms found” whilst the 272 remains connected to the network and playing.

I bought the 272 a few months back and it’s been working perfectly with same iPhone and network.

I’ll amend the title and above post as it’s a bit misleading the way I’ve described it.

Update: I’ve installed the app on a different generation iPhone and same problem. Stays connected for a few minutes then I get the “No rooms found” screen. So I think that rules out the iPhone itself. My home network seems to be working normally otherwise and the 272 plays fine using the remote as the selector.

I am afraid it sounds like your wifi access point or wifi bridge might not be not upto muster… some consumer devices do appear problematic here… has there been a network firmware update or added other apps or home automation devices or printers… can you try and disable IGMP snooping if present…
essentially the app uses an IP group address to discover and maintain devices. If the wifi bridge looses the group addressing info, your poor Naim app can’t see the devices on your home network that belong to the group.
Group IP addresses are NOT the same as IP addresses assigned to each device using DHCP or manually assigned, so it can appear your home network is working properly when in fact it isn’t.

On iOS you can get an app called Net Analyzer, I think there is a free version, get it to scan your network, and you should see a blue ‘U’ by your streamer and upnp devices, and it should remain after each scan… if so your wifi access point bridge and network is likely working fine.


Thanks for your detailed response Simon, it’s much appreciated. I’ll work through it step by step and let you know.

It’s so frustrating. I shut everything down earlier; router, Naim system, phone. Gave it ten minutes and when everything had rebooted I had connection for quite a while and hoped it was problem solved. But sadly a few hours later I’ve tried again and it’s back to ‘No rooms found’. Fortunately I can play the excellent Paradise Radio using the remote so all is not lost.

Ok, yes web radio is simply a direct media stream play out from the internet using web protocols, and so doesn’t use group addresses.

Just for info I’m using a BT Smart Hub and connecting the 272 via Wi-Fi.

Ok that is curious, because that is usually a very well behaved devices, as they support group ip addresses well… as they are used for BT Vision.

Is it a current Smart Hub 2?

One thing I have noticed is that BT use the latest IGMP version 3 standard… I know Naim support version 2, but I don’t know whether it supports version 3, but 3 is supposed to be backwards compatible with 2…
I do think if there was a general problem here we would see far more noise on the subject…

Just checking the obvious… your iPhone is not switching to a different SSID is it when your devices disappear?

It’s strange because the 272 shows as connected to Wi-Fi but when I look at the connected devices on the hub in configuration it’s greyed out.

It’s a Smart Hub 2.

Phone stays on the same SSID

Ok, that is sounding more like the 272 is questionable, if it’s greyed out it has lost connection … nothing to do with group addresses.
BT offer a compatibility mode in their wifi setup for troublesome devices, have you tried using that?

Try mode 2 first and if no improvement then mode 3

If still no joy, try switching off the 5GHz radio… however at this point I would suggest using Ethernet instead…as that will impact the effectiveness of your wifi.

Right my mistake ignore the bit about the 272 being greyed out on the router it is definitely connected. It’s not showing a device name on the router list of connected devices but I can identify it from the MAC address.

So I can see the 272 is connected to the router and visa versa but the app is only picking it up for a short while after a restart.

I’d firstly like to say: hope this gets resolved.
Secondly: it’s wonderful how this forum gives amazing advice; thanks to all that contribute :+1::ok_hand:t2::relaxed:

I would rule out the 272 by connecting it with an Ethernet cable. I have a mantra that goes…
If it can be connected without wireless, connect it without wireless.

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Have you tried the BT Smart Hub wifi compatibility modes for ‘problem’ devices?

It might be the 272 struggles with the latest wifi power saving methods… in which case mode 3 might work. (I have a suspicion this is your issue)

Thanks Simon will certainly give that a try.

I’ve changed the wireless mode, powered everything down. Checked the router is still in mode 3 after the reboot and it is. Brought everything back and I have a connection. Off out now for a few hours so fingers crossed it will be there when I get back.

FWIW, I’m having similar issues with my 272 & Naim Android app.

I sent a network scan via the app to Naim support, who said my network looked fine but thought my use of an iOS range extender might be the issue.

Only thing is I don’t have a range extender: my 272 is on a wired connection.

If the problem is interference from a neighbouring network, is there any simple remedy?

It dropped again in wireless in mode 3. Really appreciate the effort you went to to explain this though Simon.

I think I’ll haven to try Naim support next.

Ok yes that’s a shame, I thought it might be something to do with power saving given your description. I would definitely take up with Naim support now… remember to put the mode back to one for best performance for everything else.

BTW did you try turning off the 5GHz radio just to see if that made a difference? Not that that is a long term solution, but it might help your discussion with Naim product support.