My journey

Turntable based system
Rega RP10 Apheta cart
Rega Aria MK2 phono
CDX2hardly ever used nowadays
282/200 amps
Hi cap DR
PMC twenty22

Thinking of moving up to a 250 amp and pos a super cap for the 282 - also speakers of such I have no idea where to go on this journey always source first my mantra, thoughts welcome

I listen to Jazz, Classical and 1980’s /70’s soul in the main

I think a 250DR would be my first move before thinking about a sc. I don’t know the speakers but they have a good rep. I’d be tempted to leave them to last unless there is something you don’t like about them.


sell the CDX2 if you don’t use it - CD players are about to be wanted again - and use the money to fund a Supercap. It will change your 282. As for the NAP, I’d keep the 200 vs a 250, but it’s just my thoughts.


Hi max, thanks for your input. Curious as to why not the 250 ? Thanks

Thanks Bruss. I find the speakers ok but a little light on natural double bass with acoustic jazz in particular

I have a preference for ‘darker’ speakers and have stuck with Spendor over the years, but not everyone finds they match with Naim in their set up.

I think the change from the 200 to the 250DR may add a little fullness in the bass. I also think going to a Supercap will have the opposite effect, but will open up and give a greater clarity and sense of space. I think both will compliment each other but it is about which order you do them in. If you are looking at pre owned there are a few dealers who will be able to demo them from stock. If you are willing to take the risk, there are a number of what look like bargain prices on kit at the moment in the usual classifieds, which if you didn’t settle with, you could move on again. I would still leave the speakers to last unless you are suggesting that the speakers are holding back your current set up. If so then find the right speakers for the room and then look at the electronics to match them.
It is always about taking chances when changing kit without a demo, but a bit of thought about the sound you are looking for, rather than just following the obvious well worn path can be helpful. Good luck.
If it helps I wish that I’d held on to some kit longer while saving for two steps up which would have given me a better outcome. so if you have any thoughts about where you want to end up, say a 252/300 DR then think about how you might get there. :grinning:


Hi Ian,

just my preference but based on experience.

I’ve had a couple of 200s in my life, including a 200DR. And once a 250. I’ve always preferred the clear but complete, mature but easy to listen to voice of the former. It can be surprisingly definitive. The 250 has, to my taste, an ‘older’ sound, a meatier presentation that can sometimes bring fatigue. It’s good at extracting sound from speakers with smallish woofers, but it’s a bit crude to my ears.

A 200 will never sound like that. A 300 is the same thing with agility, fullness, perfection. But as long as it’s not in the periscope, a 200 is my power amp.

As for the Supercap, I remember very well the difference between a HiCap and a SC on my 282. I so like it that I might use one on my Supernait, which would be a true waste, but…




Ian here… :slightly_smiling_face: Owner of sort of similar system, but… older.

LP12 & Naim CDX2 (with XPS) - NAC82/HC/HC/NAP250 - Kudos X3’s

I believe that ‘any’ NAP250 would be worth having. I would not get hung up on the versions - all are good. Try to find one with a known service history - ideally still within its 8 to 10 year service window. Or factor in the cost of a service (at least £300), when looking at prices.

You might also consider adding a 2nd HC, to your NAC282… :thinking:


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Max’s comments fit the older 250s - esp the 250.2 - but the 250DR is an altogether more lively, balanced amp. I’d definitely suggest a demo if you can. Alternatively just look for a good pre-loved example and you can sell it on at little or no cost if it doesn’t suit - but it will :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree. I was specifically referring to the classic 250. On the other hand, the 200DR too has a slightly different voice compared to the classic one. While I acknowledge the benefits of the DR regulators in full, though, I tend to like the ‘less refined’ presentation of the older NAPs and CAPs more.

You’ve said you “find the speakers ok but a little light on natural double bass with acoustic jazz in particular”, which suggests you need better speakers., but maybe it would help to think about and define whether there is anything else you want to improve sound-wise, and/or where you want to go with the system, and/or what else is lacking now. Suggestions may be quite different with depending on answers to these.

Maybe also an indication of your max budget could be helpful if not unlimited.

Also why a mantra? Source first is not a definitive absolute best approach…

Thank you all for sound advice, what a journey !! Always looking for the perfect beat

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