My LG TV suddenly keeps switching off.


It’s broken ?


Take batteries out of the remote control to rule that out as a cause

Buy Sony. :+1:t2:

Is mains lead in properly

Can you do a factory reset whilst it’s on

Is it during England Matches😃


Being serious now @MikeD , you’re not helping yourself here. A bit more information would be helpful and and get you some useful replies…

How old is the TV, what’s it connected to, have you changed something recently - software update, something new connected to the TV etc…

From Google. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The most common reason is that users often set the timer accidentally . To check this, go to the Settings page and check if the timer is on. If that’s not the case, then the software might have some issues. You can eliminate them by resetting your LG TV to factory defaults.

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Tried all the suggestions I could find, including the reset option.

One more to try but now it won’t even switch on anymore.

The shop is sending a tech but this is Spain. Could be waiting a while.

Great timing. Wombledin and the Tour plus the Thursday/Friday coffee-and-biscuits laugh-in.


:smile: my TV is Sony, and keeps switching on - suspect remote though

Anyway, my TV does also switch off if it doesn’t receive any input for a long time. Is that possible?

Do you have the CEC link (or something) on that allows other connected devices to turn the LG on and off?

I think I had this happening on my LG tv too at the weekend. It might be worth checking if any of the apps need updating.

Have you checked the save power mode. It turns off when it hasn’t had any input change after some time.

It’s all in the “eco” settings.
It’s like dead man’s pedal for the telly down to timers and inactivity settings.
I just turn “eco” setting off. :+1:t2:

I’ll recheck. I think I turned that off on the basis of what’s the point in buying an OLED TV when you go and dumb it down with an Eco setting. It will be like keeping the speaker foam covers on when listening to the HiFi

Yeah I’ve tried switching off all the energy saving and timer malarkeys, even done a factory reboot. All to no avail.

On rigging up a small smart TV on loan from my lovely neighbours however, when I pulled out the Chromecast dongle I noticed it was very warm and flashing amber. Powering it down and up gave a steady white light and it’s now happily working in the loan TV.

I tried restarting the main telly after removing the dongle, but the same fault remained.

So I think that a fault in the TV has affected the dongle, not vice-versa.

It doesn’t seem to be curable by toggling through the user settings, so I expect the Tech, when he/she/they arrives, will be digging down into the soft/firmware shenanigans and rooting out the fault.

Stand by your beds.

I had the same thing with my LG OLED where it would randomly switch inputs or turn itself off. The culprit was a Bose soundbar connected with a HDMI cable. The soundbar was sent to Bose for repair but the said they could find no fault with it. Bose tech explained that there is no standard HDMI-CEC protocol definition so each manufacturer’s implementation can differ. We switched the soundbar to an optical connection and it has been fine ever since.

Have you checked the “Ancient Aliens” setting ?

This is relevant as they historically never left any instructions.

More particular before we knew how to install the internet, but you might get lucky.

It’s doing you a favour, there’s nothing worth watching !

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:smile: yeh, as if. More likely they will swap out a PCB, and hope for the best