My Muso Qb2 disconnect continously after update firmware

Muso Qb2 firmware 4.3.0 (6809) after update radio stations disconnect (no problems before)
I try several stations and same problem, reset qb2 dont solve problem. Thanks

We recommend a power cycle after this large update - unplug your Mu-so from mains power, leave for 30 seconds and then reconnect.

Also ensure you are on latest version of Naim App, and that the phone/tablet you are running on has been powered down and back up.

If you are still having issues after all that, I would recommend restarting your router.

I try all , restart qb2, router, iPhone app 5.23, but problem persist, internet radio stops playing and reconnect itself and stop etc continuously . I run network test but only measure internet speed ( my connection is FTTH 1 gb ). Never before update have problem. Thanks

Is it just internet radio that is having an issue, or other streaming sources?

Only internet radio. When start playing radio the first 3 o 4 min. it’s fine but after that stops and reconnect continuously more frequently. Now I ‘m playing radio from iPhone/IPad by airplay.
Thanks so much for your help.

Ok, as it’s only radio that’s the issue, I’ll loop in @Stevesky for reference

Hi @jvelap

What station are you playing and from which country? This indicates a localised radio issue.

If in doubt play Naim Radio (under internet radio → naim’s choice) and see if it plays ok.

Best regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

For some extra information
I Have a Muso2 and since update to 4.3.0(6408)
Radio 2 stops playing around 2am didn’t before update.
Seems to play Country100 without issue tho…

App 5.23 and previous version…

Other streamers Blusound node 2i plays without a glitch.


Hi Glyn,

Can you raise a support ticket with our support team.

As a sanity check I left a Muso Qb playing BBC Radio 2 all day and night, connected via Wifi 5GHz on ISP Virgin Media. It’s now done over 20hrs of playback and played all through the night, so it has some potential to do this.

In the report include:

  • variant of radio 2 played (320k ‘hd’ hls, 128k hls, or mp3 128k)
  • country and region located in.
  • wifi equipment in use and isp
  • how the device is connected (wifi, wired and if 2.4 or 5GHz)
  • if the problem is intermittent or happens ever day.

With regards

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Radio 2 Steve…my ears…my ears!!!

Gen 1 Muso and QB’s working well here in the Royal County of Berkshire!

I test several stations BBC radio, smooth radio, rne3 and others, the same issues, stops and reconnect several times and finally stops . Never have this issue before update, by the way this firmware update was weird and very fast and qb2 did not respond I need unplug it . Thanks so much

Weird mine says in system version and in the os-version of my muso qb-2 !

Hi @jvelap

Was thinking about the issue. I think in your network config its using a wifi network where 2.4 and 5GHz are on the same SSID and the device is in a location where its fringe to pick up 5GHz. When in standby (as unit reduces power to everything) and it ends up flipping back to 2.4GHz. When waking up the extra rf power makes it flip to 5GHz but breaks the network link in the process.

To diagnose this, work out the ip address of your unit, then in a pc/web browser type:

Change the with your ip address.
Do this while in standby (you may want go wait 5 mins or so before doing it) and also just after trying to play radio and it stalls.

The commsnd will return something like this (mine connected to a virgin media hub gen 5):

“version”: “1.4.0”,
“changestamp”: “0”,
“name”: “network”,
“ussi”: “network”,
“class”: “”,
“connectionState”: “0”,
“cpu”: “555367”,
“current”: “network/wireless”,
“dhcp”: “1”,
“dns1”: “”,
“dns2”: “”,
“dnsName”: “TVMuso”,
“gateway”: “”,
“hostname”: “TV Muso”,
“ipAddress”: “”,
“macAddress”: “50:1E:2D:2A:F4:CE”,
“netmask”: “”,
“sambaEnable”: “0”,
“sambaSpnego”: “1”,
“shareIndexNames”: “”,
“sharePassword”: “”,
“shareRescanRate”: “300”,
“shareUserName”: “”,
“softAPMacAddress”: “50:xx:2D:xx:xx:CE”,
“wac”: “0”,
“wifiBSSID”: “E4:C0:Xx:54:Xx:45”,
“wifiBandwidth”: “80”,
“wifiBitrate”: “866.7”,
“wifiChannel”: “36”,
“wifiFrequency”: “5.18”,
“wifiKey”: “0”,
“wifiLinkQuality”: “66/70”,
“wifiMode”: “Managed”,
“wifiScanning”: “0”,
“wifiSignalLevel”: “-44”,
“wifiSsid”: “LaddaLand”,
“workgroup”: “NAIM”,
“children”: [
“name”: “wired”,
“ussi”: “network/wired”,
“class”: “object.netadapter”
“name”: “wireless”,
“ussi”: “network/wireless”,
“class”: “object.netadapter”

The bit of interest are the stats beginning with wifi. If you can post yours while in standby and playing and hopefully it will give a clue on whats going on.

On the latest Muso/Qb we updated the internal Linux Wifi drivers to latest for the NXP chipset which resolved various 5GHz issues, but in the process this has caused a very small percent (<0.01%) of wifi issues for some customers. So far we have found its because of things were very carefully balanced of location, vs router vs Muso and older wifi driver logic, but we like to ensure there is nothing unexpected on our side.

On a side note, our support desk is best to help with such issues but as they are closed for xmas at the moment, the above will helpfully diagnose it enough so we can advice to get it reliable again.

Best wishes

Steve Harris
Software Director
Naim Audio Ltd.

Hi Steve

From Naim App BBC Radio 2 HD
Country UK
Sky Fibre to Sky Q boxes.
Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5Ghz in operation
Intermittent fault Generally between 2 - 4 am
Prior to update dropouts were every few weeks.
Unit is playing constantly.
Sky came in and changed settings to stop Q boxes sleeping which helped for a couple of months.


Any progress? Just to let you know that I face a very similar issue with 3 Mu-so in multiroom. All Mu-so and app on latest versions - problem independent of which Mu-so is the master. I’m collecting more precise data cf. the above blog and will come back.

No progress at all. I’d like to try reinstalling firmware but I cannot find the file.

You cannot downgrade on your own, though the Naim support would have the option to do this for you. However, you should start by actually answering the questions that Steve asked 3 posts up, he is trying to figure out the problem.

No, my muso2 is wired by Ethernet gigabyte cable. And the same station if I play by airplay from my iPhone not problem at all.

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