My Naim Dealer is offering Nait 5si & CD5si Combo at 33% off (Canada)

My Naim dealer (I’m in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) is advertising the Nait 5si and CD5si combo at 33% off list price.

This is a nice two-box set-up for people still spinning discs.

Are there any other summer promotions going on?

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Bay Bloor Radio (Toronto) and Quebec Acoustic (near Montreal) have the NAIT 50 on spring sale.

This was my introduction to Naim and loved the simplicity of this two box set up and the CD opening out to the side. Very cool.

Moved on since then. At the time I knew Naim as a brand and a friend had a load of Naim kit. So I started off with this wonderful two box set up around 7 years ago. Bought them both nearly new but used.


I thought they were already discontinued ?

Not that I’m aware of.

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There is a promotion in the UK for the NDX2 and SN3 as a combined package